Side Neck Tattoos Men

Consider getting a side-neck design for an eye-catching yet subtle neck tattoo setup. Side-neck tattoos are less noticeable than front-neck designs and can easily be covered up.


Side neck tattoo men are an increasingly popular choice for those seeking an eye-catching design without appearing to be wearing a T-shirt. These intricate or striking designs can feature many themes. Anchors are an enduring marine symbol, representing stability in times of turmoil. Additionally, anchors symbolize commitment, hope, and safety – essential for successful sailing voyages.


Lightning is one of the primal forces of nature and can evoke powerful, simple feelings. As a tattoo, lightning represents pure emotions and instincts, volatility, clarity, inspiration, and creativity. Lightning represents fertility by symbolizing rain’s regenerative power that makes crops grow and sustains life on Earth. Furthermore, some cultures associate lightning with strength, enlightenment, intelligence, and intuition.

Alien Face

For anyone seeking an eye-catching neck tattoo design, Alien Face tattoos make a striking statement about their free spirit and enthusiasm. Spiritual figures who prioritize focus and concentration may find this mandala especially appropriate. Featuring Sanskrit holy mantra, OM adds even more significant meaning to its design.

Flying Birds

Birds are symbols of freedom and spirituality. A Flying Bird tattoo could be perfect if you believe in living life freely and unfettered by chains! Feathers are another popular choice for bird tattoos. Feathers represent freedom, bravery, and travel – three key themes.


Graffiti (from Italian: “graffiti,” meaning to scratch) is an art form with centuries of history, often written or painted without authorization and displayed for public view. Graffiti can be an expressive form of art that tells a tale or expresses one’s feelings; it can even serve as social commentary.


The neck is an ideal spot for smaller tattoos because it isn’t as prominent or sensitive as other body areas. An attractive leaf on a man’s neck makes him appear calm and tranquil; it’s also a great way to express individuality and nature.


This side neck tattoo men’s design is perfect for anyone wanting a bold statement on their neck. Inked with tiny block letters spelling “clarity,” this striking inking spreads out over time for an airy aesthetic. Puzzle piece tattoos have long been popular designs, often signifying support for autism awareness. One common reason people get puzzle piece tattoos is to symbolize that message of support for autism awareness.

God’s Love

God’s love is an invaluable force in life, and this side neck tattoos men is designed to show your appreciation. Not only will this standout piece draw attention, but it will also make a great conversation starter wherever you go! The first design features a cross pattern featuring “Be Still.” This serves as a reminder to remain calm and trust in God’s guidance.


Men who appreciate style have enough neck tattoo options to choose from when it comes to neck art, many boasting style cred and being easy on the eye. Finding your ideal one may prove challenging; that’s why we put together this guide of the top and most exciting neck tattoos currently on the market – plus, they can all be done locally at tattoo parlors!


Crown tattoos are an excellent way for alpha males to display their strength and dominance, symbolizing glory, self-respect, and victory. Crowns look best when combined with other designs or objects and should be worn on the chest for maximum effect.