Sick Arm Tattoos

Tattooing your arm effectively defines bicep and tricep muscles, with textural tattoos like Maori motifs, Celtic knots, Viking art, or mandala art looking stunning on its forearm.

Angel Wings

Angel wings are an increasingly popular tattoo choice that symbolizes protection and faith, often used as tributes to loved ones who have passed. Angels are widely perceived as messengers from God who serve as reminders to pray regularly. As an additional, personalized touch, some people add the devil wing design to their angel wings to remind them of decisions and experiences that that didn’t turn out well but should still be commemorated. Simple wrist tattoos include wings on either arm. This placement offers high pain tolerance levels while also permitting vibrant colors.


The serpent is an iconic figure that has long been used as a cultural symbol, representing protection, life cycles, power, intelligence, or even evil, depending on one’s interpretation. Tiger tattoos are an iconic choice for men as they symbolize strength, courage, and independence. You could also opt for something darker, like a wolf, as these creatures form tight family units while having strong connections to nature. The outer forearm is one of the least painful places to get tattooed, making it ideal for larger pieces and intricate or detailed designs.


Feather tattoos look incredible on the arm, whether black and sexy or intricately detailed. Feathers symbolize love, protection, and good luck – perfect for adding flair! The back of the arm is an ideal location for wearing nature sleeves due to their length and delicate nature, perfect for depictions such as wild animals, trees, or other natural designs. Skull tattoos can make for great body art pieces when added to sleeves or larger body pieces. Some people dress their skulls up as Indian headdresses or crowns, while others opt for sugar skulls or creepy corpses. The choices are almost limitless!


The dominant arm is one of the least painful places to get tattooed due to thicker skin and more excellent muscle protection over nerve endings. Additionally, its inner bicep allows for some fantastic designs such as leaves, pine trees, and mountainscapes from folktale and nautical designs – as well as being ideal for simple band tattoos that symbolize strength or equality. Minimal portraits, photo-realistic roses, and historic scenes make great bicep tattoos. Remember neo-trad and space designs like this geometric fox!


An arm tattoo featuring the name of your favorite band can express your passion for music while serving as a memorial tribute, such as in Linkin Park’s case after Chester Bennington died. tattoos on the bicep can make a great statement of strength and power. Tattoos here symbolize this fact. Dave Grohl honors Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister by sporting an Ace of Spades on his arm; Nikki Sixx pays his Motley Crue bandmate Mick Mars tribute with the Motley Crue logo etched onto her leg.

Roman Numerals

Roman numeral tattoos offer an easy and stylish way to commemorate actual numbers – an anniversary date, a loved one’s birthday celebration, or your house number of origin. Roman numeral tattoos make a striking display. Bicep tattoos provide ample room to experiment and express individuality through design elements. Depending on the message they convey, they can range from small and delicate designs to larger and bold ones. Tiger tattoos are an increasingly popular choice among men looking to project power and strength, particularly those looking to showcase their strength and confidence.