Shoulder Tattoos

The shoulder is an ideal location to get tattooed. Shoulder tattoos can be used to complement and expand existing tats on your arm or chest, or they can stand alone as a unique design. No matter the choice, these bold designs are sure to turn heads wherever they go.


A rose shoulder tattoo is an exquisite option for those seeking to add beauty and meaning to their body art. This flower has many uses, depending on how much detail you desire in each design. A shoulder rose tattoo can be especially meaningful when honoring a loved one who has passed away. Whether it’s your mother, sister, significant other – having the rose on your shoulder serves to remind yourself of the strong bond you shared with them.

The shoulder is an ideal place for getting a rose tattoo because it’s relatively flat and easy for artists to work with. This allows the petals of the rose to be created perfectly round or drape gracefully onto your clavicle or upper back.

Another reason the shoulder is an ideal location for a rose tattoo is that it’s relatively painless to have inked. This makes it perfect for those seeking their first tattoo or wanting smaller designs which require less pain and time to complete.

Shoulder roses make popular name tattoos as they offer a beautiful way to honor loved ones. You can add their name to the stem or write it directly on the rose itself for an indelible reminder.

When selecting colors for a rose tattoo, it is essential to pick one that complements both your skin tone and clothing. Red roses are popular due to their lushness and romantic association, but you can also go with green or blue tones. These colors symbolize love, purity and innocence – ideal for feminine designs that will surely catch attention!

This delicate rose shoulder tattoo is both pretty and delicate, able to be drawn on any skin tone. The varied size between the flowers and leaves adds dimension and keeps the design from appearing too simplistic.


Geometric tattoos are a popular choice for shoulder tattoos due to their universal appeal. Men and women alike appreciate geometric designs due to their sharp angles, dark colors, and bold figures. tattoos look fantastic on the back, arms, shoulders, chest and even necks; they convey an artistic spirit and an interesting lifestyle.

When selecting a geometric tattoo, be sure to communicate the message you wish to express. Your artist can then craft an original design that accurately conveys your thoughts and emotions.

If you’re searching for something unique, try an abstract geometric tattoo.

Some people opt for a minimalistic aesthetic with their geometric tattoos. Black ink and leaving the shapes completely blank can be an effective way to make a statement.

Another way to achieve a unique aesthetic with your geometric tattoo is by employing watercolor techniques. This gives the art an illusion of movement and fluidity that would not be possible with traditional tattoo ink.

shoulder tattoos

They may even suggest using a different ink color than usual–red, blue or green–instead of the standard black ink.

Geometric tattoos offer endless design possibilities; you can mix-and-match circles, squares, lines or overlapping shapes for a truly unique design.

shoulder tattoos

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not combine different geometric styles to create something completely new and unexpected? This requires skill and patience from your artist but the results will be worth it!

Geometric tattoos offer a perfect balance between science and spirituality, making them ideal for anyone with spiritual beliefs.


If you’re searching for a large and intricate tiger shoulder tattoo or something smaller and more delicate, there are plenty of options.

Getting a tiger shoulder tattoo can be an empowering experience, but to ensure its meaning is fully realized you should select the ideal design and placement. Tiger tattoos are traditionally associated with strength, bravery and good fortune but you can add other elements to make the design truly unique.

The tiger and dagger tattoo is a timeless symbol, perfect for those who have experienced hurt by those they trusted. The tiger symbolizes strength while the dagger represents pain – you can use this image to express your desire for revenge against those who have wronged you.

A tiger and crown tattoo is another popular choice, as these images are often associated with royalty and prestige. Additionally, they serve as powerful symbols of rebirth and renewal that can inspire you to keep striving for success.

This design can be inked anywhere on your body, but the shoulder area is especially popular as it’s easy to show off. Additionally, you can combine both images for a truly unique tattoo.

This tattoo is an exquisite example of an Asian style tiger. It utilizes black linework and subtle shading to create a striking image, plus its vibrant color palette adds to its vibrant appearance.

shoulder tattoos

These designs require more skill and precision than standard realistic tiger tattoos, but the results are stunning! The thin black lines and shading perfectly capture the animal’s movement.

Additionally, tiger eye stones can be enhanced with this hue as they are believed to protect you from harm and promote happiness.

Tigers are a popular choice for shoulder tattoos, as they symbolize strength and courage. Women looking for large, bold designs that will draw attention are sure to love this choice.


Skulls are a beloved shoulder tattoo design among both men and women. They symbolize bravery, strength, and power; plus they’re highly versatile – you can draw them in an array of colors and place them almost anywhere on your body!

A skull tattoo can be an ideal choice for shoulder tattoos due to its large, detailed design that takes up a lot of room on the skin. Combine it with other symbols or images to create an eye-catching custom tattoo design that will look fantastic when displayed proudly on your shoulder.

If you want your skull tattoo to stand out, consider adding color. Dark shades such as black can look good, but brighter hues will help bring out the contrast in your design.

Use a skull as the focus of your design, or stack them together for an almost catacomb-like effect. This helps balance out the masculine nature of skulls and keeps your eyes from getting overwhelmed with all their details.

Another way to add color and vibrancy to your skull tattoo is by including a flower. This will soften the menacing aesthetic of a skull tattoo and make it more desirable for those who aren’t comfortable with having a dead body on their arm.

Roses are a common motif in skull tattoos, and can be used to convey various messages. They symbolize beauty in death or eternal love that will last forever.

The skull crossbones is a timeless pirate design that symbolizes the brutality of these characters’ lives. This design often pairs with a dagger or other weapon for an eye-catching tattoo.

If you want a skull that looks more feminine, opt for the heart shape instead of the standard skull. Not only will this be more suitable for girls, but it allows you to add more delicate details into the tattoo design.

For those searching for a tattoo to symbolize the wrong time in their lives, a skull and watch tattoo is an eye-catching design that will always stand out regardless of where it’s placed on their body.