5 Great Ideas For Small Tattoos


Arrows are potent weapons and symbols of strength. They have multiple meanings, making them an excellent choice for tattoo designs. The bow and arrow have deep historical ties with Native Americans, representing hunting, fighting, protection, direction, and symbolism. Arrows can also symbolize peace, reconciliation, and new beginnings when depicted as broken or bundles of arrows. They serve as a reminder to leave the past behind and embrace a promising future.


Deers are uncommon in New York, but a deer skull tattoo can make a striking statement. The placement usually preferred for maximum impact is the shoulder, leg, or chest, but full torso coverage or upper back/neck tattooing can also work. Consult your favorite tattoo artist for recommendations on getting a deer skull tattoo that matches your taste and preferences.


Elephants are powerful and magnificent animals. Representing motherhood or family life, an elephant tattoo is ideal to symbolize an important female role. Whether you prefer a simple black-and-gray ink design or one with color fills, an elephant tattoo can be distinctive and eye-catching.


A feather tattoo is an excellent symbol to commemorate freedom, leadership, and independence. Feather tattoos come in various sizes and designs, and they are trendy among women who prefer discrete wrist tattoos that blend in with everyday clothing.

World Map

For travel enthusiasts, a world map tattoo is a perfect choice. You can opt for a subtle placement like the wrist or forearm or go bold and get it on your back. Some people get world map tattoos to bond with fellow adventurers, while others do it to show appreciation for different cultures.

Weather Symbol

Weather symbols are tiny graphics that depict various kinds of weather, such as sun, clouds, lightning, or rain. The sun symbolizes sunny weather, while a crescent moon can represent nighttime conditions. Weather symbol tattoos can be straightforward or intricate, depending on your preference.


Geometric shapes offer a simple yet visually striking body art choice. They often feature multiple forms, lines, and patterns that create harmony and balance. Compass tattoos, a popular geometric design, represent direction and look stunning as sleeves or forearm tattoos. Consider choosing areas like the back or forearm for more surface area to showcase your geometric tattoo design’s intricate shapes and colors.