Rose Petal Tattoo Designs

Rose tattoos are bold and make an excellent choice for chest, arm, shoulder, or back designs – or as an accent in other tattoo designs such as this Beauty and the Beast stained glass rose!

A Simple Rose and Stem Line Art Tattoo on Collarbone

A simple rose and stem line art tattoo fits beautifully on this woman’s collarbone area, giving the appearance that this design was meant for this spot.

Red Roses

Red roses are timeless classics and make a beautiful gift choice. Representing love and hope, red roses are an excellent way for someone special in your life to show how much they mean to you.

Symbols of Purity and Chastity in Weddings

White roses have long been seen as a sign of purity and innocence, making them popular symbols in wedding ceremonies. Additionally, they symbolize new beginnings – making this tattoo suitable for anyone starting their lives anew!

Purple Roses

Purple roses possess an alluring, charming beauty that often symbolizes love at first sight or strong emotions. These blooms also represent mysticism and spirituality – making them the ideal subject matter for tattoo designs that capture this enchanting feeling.

A Lifelike Rose Spine Tattoo

This spine tattoo showcases a lifelike rose that extends from the bicep to the elbow. With expert shading and light and dark toning techniques, the piece resembles an abstract painting in its realistic rendition.

Watercolor Roses

Rose tattoos symbolize so much more than flowers alone: metamorphosis, love, and even the circle of life can all be expressed through them. Combine it with a butterfly for an eye-catching piece sure to draw compliments!

Creating Realistic Watercolor Petals

For a watercolor rose tattoo, experiment with using different colors to build petals. Combine pinks and yellows for an elegant effect; in the center, use c-curves and leave white spaces so your image looks more realistic.

Dead Roses

Dried roses make an elegant addition to any tattoo and can remind you that life is short. A dead rose tattoo may represent the loss of someone important or a gentle reminder that every moment should be treasured while we still can.

Personalized Touch with Script

Add script to your rose tattoo for a truly personalized touch and show the world who matters to you most – or show that special someone how much they mean to you with a rose bearing their name!

Roses with Money

A money rose tattoo can be beautiful and practical; they’re an effective way to show your love of flora and thriftiness at once.

Creating Natural-Looking Petals

For an authentic appearance, make the petals look more natural by curving each corner of a dollar bill to resemble real flower petals more closely. This makes your rose more natural-looking!

American Traditional Roses

Rose tattoos are timeless classics that suit almost any body part, especially shoulders, as their delicate petals gently drape across your clavicle or upper back.

A Geometric Twist

It combines the Beauty of roses and geometric tattoo designs for an eye-catching statement piece. This tattoo pierces the heart with rose stems — an icon of love and faithfulness — while including Rosa as part of its name in Latin.

Black Rose tattoos

Black rose tattoos make an eye-catching statement. Include other floral elements for an eye-catching floral sleeve.

Expressing Joy and Affection

Yellow roses symbolize joy and affection, making them ideal for feminine flower tattoos. Women often display yellow roses on their backs to show their appreciation toward someone special in their lives.

Roses with Names

Roses with money represent new beginnings or strength – making this design ideal for tattoo sleeves or sleeves of arms.

Statement of Strength and Femininity

An exquisite way to demonstrate strength and balance, neck rose tattoos can also make a statement that may be difficult to hide.

Simple Roses

If you prefer something simpler, this stunning rose tattoo may be just what you want—featuring an X-ray look of its petals with bold solid planes of black ink.

Ethereal Beauty of Dual Roses

Bring a splash of color into your rose petal tattoos with this dual rose, featuring soft pink hues and radiant white shading that create an ethereal effect.

Wrist Roses

Rose tattoos make an eye-catching statement on the wrist while remaining easily hidden from public view. This placement allows them to become eye-catching without being overtly noticeable to others.

Symbolizing Opening Up and Resilience

This black rose tattoo features a rhombus with three miniature roses, each slowly opening its petals up to reveal solidity and shaded in plum for depth of color, while its leaves have multiple shades of black ink applied as ink shadings.