Get a Rick and Morty Tattoo Inspired by the Cartoon Network Series

Rick and Morty is a beloved animated series that has quickly gained fan devotion.

Hand Rick

Their cartoons and websites have become enormously popular, providing hours of enjoyment. Tattoo fans quickly took notice of the series, wanting to incorporate its adventures into their body art designs. Hand Rick tattoos are an ideal option, as they can be done anywhere on your body and are unique and cool.

Sleeve Rick

Sleeve Rick tattoos are an ideal choice, requiring minimal effort to complete and making any area on your body appear stunning.

New School Rick

New School tattoos use cartoon-style drawing techniques and are adaptable to different designs and themes. If you want something colorful and detailed, a New School Rick tattoo is a great choice.

Old School Rick

Rick and Morty tattoos are the most popular type of body art inspired by the show, with vibrant designs using the swirling green colors of a portal gun. From simple two-dimensional images to complex illustrations, there is a tattoo design that suits your tastes.

Morty’s Centerpiece

The tattoo features an open portal that can transform into moving action shots from the show. It was created using a green-screen app, resulting in an eye-catching and mind-blowing design.

Morty’s Eyes

Fans of the show will love a Rick and Morty-inspired tattoo, featuring Rick staring into an open portal in green color. This trippy yet fantastic design is sure to stand out with its vibrant colors and sharp edges.