5 KL Rahul Name Tattoos


KL Rahul is an avid tattoo enthusiast who proudly displays multiple pieces on his body that hold personal meaning.

Lighthouse Tattoo

Rahul’s left wrist features a lighthouse tattoo to symbolize his hometown of Mangalore and also bears both of his parents’ names inscribed onto it.

Clock Tattoo

KL Rahul sports a lighthouse tattoo on his left arm to remind him of the picturesque beach he lived near as a child. He also has a clock tattoo halted at 11 o’clock, representing his birth time. The tattoo is accompanied by Latin phrases “Veni, Vidi, Vici,” signifying that his time as an Indian cricketer has begun and that he will rule over all with his bat!

Key Tattoo

Rahul has a key tattoo with ram horns on his left forearm, inspired by his star sign, Aries. This tattoo encourages optimism toward new experiences that would help validate his potential.

Spartan Tattoo

Rahul has a tattoo of a Spartan on his right shoulder, symbolizing courage and self-discipline.

Roman Numerals

Roman numeral are an elegant way to commemorate important dates. They can be used to mark birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or the death of someone dear. The arrow arcing through each number symbolizes strength, independence, and knowing where life will take us.

Compass Tattoo

A compass tattoo is ideal for travelers, symbolizing wanderlust and the idea that home always awaits at the end of each journey. It can be drawn minimalistically or intricately, including coordinates from visited locations. The compass and anchor symbols represent balance, equilibrium, protection, stability, and safety.

Mother’s and Father’s Names

Tattooing mothers’ and fathers’ names on the body is a beautiful way to remember and cherish the love shared between parent and child.


These Tattoos reflect KL Rahul’s personal experiences, interests, connections with his family, and star sign. Each tattoo holds significant meaning for him and adds to his unique story.