Popular Flowers for Tattoos

Flowers gentle aesthetic can provide something lighter and airy if that is what you desire. There is an assortment of flower designs and meanings to select from when selecting a tattoo design; searching for the ideal flower that more challenging than ever. Read on to gain some insight into some of the most commonly seen tattooed flowers and what each means!


Roses are one of the most beloved symbols for tattoo designs, as their multiple meanings make them suitable for nearly any creative concept. Rose flower tattoos make the perfect romantic or romantically themed tattoo, as their symbolic meaning includes love, romance, and commitment. Rose flowers also represent faithfulness and persistence. A compass rose tattoo is increasingly popular, symbolizing direction and movement, providing guidance when feeling lost, and helping you discover where your path should lead. Roses are known for being resilient flowers with protective thorns lining their stems to ward off predators and pests. As such, roses have long been seen as powerful symbols of strength.


Chrysanthemums are an increasingly popular tattoo flower choice due to their beauty, meaning, and symbolism. Representing hope, life, and rebirth, respectively, they make the ideal way for someone wanting to express their beliefs or dreams through body art. Their colors range from white to burgundies and purples; most feature yellow or pink hues. These ornamental plants, belonging to the Asteraceae/Compositae family, can be grown as ornamental plants in most climates as perennials or annuals. To keep chrysanthemums looking their best, they must receive plenty of water and are planted before any frost in spring – giving the roots time to take root and develop over the winter season.


Famed for their long-lasting beauty and ease of care, these blooms also carry centuries-old meaning. Tattooing them has also become increasingly popular as an expression of romance and hope. Lilies can be grown from bulbs or seeds and require lots of sunlight to flower successfully. Unfortunately, gray mold, aphids, viruses, and snails may damage them over time. Feathers are frequently included in friendship bouquets, wedding arrangements, and funeral floral displays as a symbol of femininity, love, purity, and grief.


Hibiscuses are one of the most beloved flowers for tattooing. Available in numerous hues and designs, their beauty shines, solo or as part of a larger design. Hibiscus flowers are popular for sleeve and back pieces due to their vibrant, eye-catching hue. Their red hue can symbolize love, passion, and good luck. Hibiscus flowers make an excellent way for Hawaiian heritage or culture enthusiasts to showcase their heritage with floral tattoos. They can even combine designs like dragonflies and rainbows to make stunning tattoos. Try an etching design that marries vintage techniques with modern aesthetics for an artistic twist, or go for neo-traditional artwork with bold, saturated lines and ornate curves.