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Oldschool pictures are not what they used to be. The image style was originally developed and popularized in the West in the 1920’s through the United States Army. Old school picture design generally refers to a classic and old Western or early American picture design featuring black and bold black outline designs. These black and white designs usually have a much smaller font and a much smaller amount of detail than modern tattoo styles.

Image ideas For Old School Pictures

Oldschool pictures are the kind of tattoo that started out in the old days when tattooing wasn’t as popular as it is now. Old school style is often referred to a Western or old American style tattoo style that features bold black outlines and only a relatively small color palette. Usually, this limited color palate usually included black, red, yellow and green. Purple has eventually been added to it too.

Old School Pictures – What Are They?


One of the best things about old school pictures is that they are very unique, as well as original, and they stand out because they are so different from what most people are into these days. When people are into tattooing now, they are typically getting the generic kind of designs that are nowhere near original. Old school tattooing, however, is about being original, being different, and being one of a kind. This is what sets oldschool pictures apart, and why they are such a great and exciting alternative to what society is giving you these days.

Old School Image ideas – Picture design


Oldschool pictures have a tough time competing with the flash of today’s tattooing culture. The average, junior high school student doesn’t want to look like the “mainstream,” they want their style to be classic and unique. Oldschool pictures are a bit more difficult to come up with when it comes to ideas for picture design, but there are a few out there that can get you started down the road of a great tattoo. Here are some old school Image ideas:


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