How to Get a Number Neck Tattoo

The neck is susceptible to getting tattooed due to its many nerve endings and thin skin. For optimal results, use a topical anesthetic before getting inked here.

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol of interweaving circles that is perfect for wearing around your neck to symbolize wholeness and the cycle of life.

Numbers Tattooing their neck numbers is an increasingly popular trend for women. A number tattoo is an attractive way to accent an otherwise delicate area and is versatile enough to contain one date or multiple dates in simple or intricate designs. A popular location for neck number tattoos nearer the ear.

Tattoos featuring 13 are often associated with people who have overcome significant adversity or could signify membership in MS 13 (Manhunt Street 13).

Tattoos featuring the number 333 often represent the Holy Trinity or represent mind, body, and spirit in various religions. Additionally, it represents love and selflessness – qualities many people who wear the tattoo with pride often take great pride in. Additionally, 333 is widely considered lucky in different cultures.

Angels Tattooing an angel number onto your neck can be an evocative way of commemorating loved ones and serving as a source of hope and guidance. Many believe these numbers represent messages from our universe or an angel sent to guide and protect us.

Finding an angel number tattoo that resonates with you is essential, so consider its symbolism before selecting one. Keep size in mind, too – smaller Tattoos tend to be less striking, while larger ones can make an impactful statement.

Some may add an angel number with wings as a symbol of their guardian angel; other people may use an angel number with other characters, like their initials or name, to create their angel number.

Zodiac Glyphs Cancerians tend to feel an acute connection to the moon, so this design incorporates their sign’s glyph with different phases of its lunar cycle. Furthermore, their protective nature is expressed through this design’s inclusion of what looks like a sideways number 69 in its shape – signifying Cancerians’ protective nature, while Leos’ symbolize their bold, kingly, and passionate characteristics with its representation of a lion’s head, mane, and tail symbolism – representing Leo’s aggressive, kingly nature as well.

A bull represents Taurus. Their long, curvy horns represent pragmatic values and determination and symbolize their bold nature, stubbornness, and masculinity. They symbolize resilience.

Geminis are often depicted as twins; their glyphs reflect both duality and neutrality. Sociable yet intellectually curious, Geminis are always searching for new experiences, restless individuals who wish to learn something new every time.

Landscape: An elegant landscape tattoo on your neck effectively shows your passion for nature. These designs usually include vibrant splashes of color that come together beautifully, often combined with other details for an overall artistic impact.

Pattern tattoos are an easy and beautiful way to add depth and detail to a neck design, using different line thicknesses and shapes for balance in their pattern design. Perfect for those who desire an understated yet bold aesthetic.

Peace symbols make the ideal neck Tattoos if you are an activist or lover of hippie music, showing your opposition to violence and war. Additionally, this type of tattoo can easily be modified over time so it fits with current beliefs.

Product Code Many people get product code tattoos to show that they stand out from others or as an act of rebellion and anarchism, often embraced by goths, punks, and queer people.

Tattoos that feature black bars and spaces of various widths arranged according to a coding system have become popular and may include personal significance for an individual, such as birth dates or significant milestones in relationships.

Barcode tattoos combine alphabet letters with barcode digits to produce an artistic and symbolic design. Many people incorporate their lucky numbers into their Tattoos to remember them; others choose various colors for added flair.