The Mythology Behind Norse Symbols Tattoos

Valknut Tattoos: Symbolizing the Afterlife and Remembrance

Valknut Tattoos represent the afterlife and are a meaningful choice for those who believe in the cycle of life or want to honor a deceased loved one.

Thor’s Hammer: Courage, Strength, and Heroism

Thor’s Hammer symbolizes courage, strength, and heroism, surpassing its portrayal in Marvel movies. It is a powerful choice for individuals who want to showcase or embody these qualities through a tattoo.

Valknut Tattoos: Power and Protection

A Valknut tattoo is a striking symbol that signifies power and the afterlife. It is often used to honor loved ones who have passed and protect them from negative energies or harm.

Tupilaqs: Revenge or Appreciation of Ancient Magical Practices

Tupilaqs are Greenlandic figurines resembling voodoo dolls. A Tupilaq tattoo can represent a desire for revenge or an appreciation of ancient magical practices.

Valknut: Symbol of Fallen Warriors and Knots

The Valknut is an iconic symbol from ancient Norse and Germanic cultures. Its name is derived from combining “valor” for the fallen warrior and “knut” for the knot. The symbol consists of three interlocking triangles and is associated with Odin and Heathenry.

Vegvisir: Paths in Life and Odin’s Horse

Vegvisir is an ancient Viking symbol with eight points resembling a compass. Each point represents different directions and paths in life. The number 8 alludes to Odin’s eight-legged horse, Sleipnir.

Thor Mask: Thunder, Strength, and Protection

Thor is an essential figure in Norse mythology, symbolizing thunder, strength, and protection. Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, is associated with him.

Loki: Symbol of Change and Transformation

Loki represents change and transformation, harnessing the energy within us all. A Loki tattoo may signify your desire for mischief used for good, mainly if it features his serpent, Jormungandr.

Huginn and Muninn: Wisdom and Travel

Huginn and Muninn are Odin’s two raven sidekicks, symbolizing global wisdom and travel. Tattooing both can make a statement about your thirst for knowledge and communication skills.

The Valknut: Strength, Loyalty, and Dedication

The Valknut is a powerful Norse symbol composed of three interlocking shapes. While it originally represented protection, it has been appropriated by Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist groups. Nonetheless, it still represents strength, loyalty, and dedication to a cause.