Nordic Tribal Tattoos

An intricate Viking tattoo can be an excellent way to demonstrate your culture and beliefs while connecting with your ancestors and exploring Scandinavian mythology. Tattoo designs can include symbols from Nordic mythology or Viking runic script.


The Valknut, consisting of three interlocked triangles, has been discovered on various archaeological artifacts dating back to ancient Scandinavian Germanic peoples. It has also been found in a Viking Age ship burial mound near Tonsberg, Norway, and on one of its wooden bed posts in a ship bed with the same emblem on one post. The Valknut can be found on numerous items associated with ancient Germanic paganism in Scandinavia, including runestones, ship burial mounds, and cremation urns. It is often depicted alongside depictions interpreted as Odin, sometimes showing two figures together depicted with rope hanging below their hands as though bound by some mysterious force or another man hanging by ropes above him – typically depicted alongside figures that may or may not represent Odin.

Helm of Awe

The Helm of Awe tattoo is among the most potent Nordic tribal tattoos. Composed of eight tridents or harpoons that radiate outward from a central circle, it symbolizes courage and fearlessness and represents power within society. Helm of Awe tattoos have traditionally represented protection from enemies and bad luck. A helmet of awe is an excellent way for anyone who requires strength and security in their lives, is starting new adventures, or is seeking body art to aid their goals.

Huginn and Munin

Huginn and Munin tattoos have become increasingly popular designs among those seeking meaningful imagery for themselves or someone they love. These two ravens have long been symbols in Norse mythology, with significance across multiple cultures worldwide. This tattoo depicts Odin, the Norse god of wisdom and all things, with his two raven mascots: Huginn (thinking) and Muninn (memory). These birds travel worldwide, reporting back to Odin about what they see. This tattoo is an exquisite tribute to Norse heritage, wisdom, and Viking mythology. It features incredible detail with intricate drawings.


Norse culture held that Thor was famous for his symbolic hammer Mjolnir, symbolizing bravery and power, and the belief that those who showed courage in action would be rewarded with entry into Valhalla after death. However, be cautious if you plan to get a tattoo featuring Thor’s hammer or the Yggdrasil tree without thoroughly researching its significance.


The Valkyrie is a warrior goddess in Norse mythology who determines which warriors live or die during the battle and accompanies fallen soldiers to Valhalla – Odin’s afterlife palace. Valkyries appear as noble maidens with elegant clothing, sometimes wearing wings or an outfit made from swan feathers. Helmets and shields are worn, and horses are used as transport. Valkyries play an essential part in Norse mythology by selecting half of those killed on the battlefield to be admitted into Valhalla for the afterlife and be transformed into Einherjar (Warriors fighting alongside Odin until Ragnarok), where they will then fight at his side until Ragnarok takes place. The Valkyrie is a powerful symbol of courage and strength long used as tattoo inspiration. The traditional representation includes wings on either side of a long double staff with a Nordic knot in its center – making this iconic character ideal for tattoo designs.