Nautical Compass Tattoo Image meaning

The nautical compass tattoo is a great way to display this kind of design because it is both a representation of the past and current times. The symbolism and meanings of the compass are derived from a story that has been told around the world for centuries. The sailors of yesteryear would use these little tools as guides and direction markers on their journeys. These small pictures are perfect representations of how these men felt about what they were doing while out on their ventures.

The nautical compass Tattoo is a design that dates back to the ancient times of the compass. This is a design that has proven itself over again as a great picture design and it has a lot of history behind it. This tattoo is a symbol that dates back to ancient times and has many more symbols associated with it as well. A lot of people have decided to go with this design because of its history and what it represents. Whether you are going with a common nautical meaning or you are choosing this Tattoo design for its other symbolism, you will find that it can be a very popular choice among many people.

The nautical compass tattoo is a great design to have on your body as it is a very useful tool when getting sea bed readings. The compass is a representation of direction and is what many sailors used to navigate their way home after a long voyage at sea. This is a Tattoo design that has been around for a very long time, dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Below are three modern Image ideas for this design, you can use these in your Tattoo to make a statement or add some flare to an existing design.

A nautical compass tattoo is a great Tattoo design for just about any place on your body. They make great picture designs for the back, shoulders, calves, wrists and ankles. This is because the compass rose is right there where you can see it clearly from any direction. It’s also a very big and visible tattoo drawing so you can always count on finding a lot of people who have it inked on their bodies. Here is a nautical compass Image meaning explanation that will explain the Tattoo in a better way.

Nautical Compass Picture design Ideas

The nautical compass tattoo has long been a sailor’s best friend, and many sailors have found that the compass is an invaluable tool in navigation. Whether you are looking for a picture design idea or just looking for a nautical design you should check out the many sites on the Internet that have articles about this time honored way of life. The history of the compass comes from the ancient Greeks, who believed that it was created by a woman from Delos. She was said to have made it out of a needle that swallowed a fish. It is also said that she invented the term “compass” when she placed the needle on the ocean floor.


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