Nature Tattoos For Men

If nature is something you love, getting a tattoo may be the ideal way to showcase that passion.

Do You Want to Show Off Your Love for Nature with a Chest or Shoulder Nature Tattoo? Having one will showcase it boldly. From lions and elephants to flowers and ferns – any design will show your affection for the outdoors beautifully.


Trees represent strength and resilience while showing your love of nature and the outdoors – they make ideal tattoo designs for men! Family tree tattoos are popular because they symbolize strong bonds between loved ones. Forest tree tattoos are another excellent choice for tree tattoos, showing your love of the great outdoors in a simplistic yet tasteful design. They’re often relatively small as well. Add an air of mystery and intrigue to your tattoo with an inked image of a tree with dark shading and an accompanying banner featuring their names written upon its branches.


Birds provide an endless source of inspiration for body art, with men particularly drawn to getting tattoos featuring this fascinating creature. Ranging from bald eagles and owls to swallows and phoenixes – there are so many beautiful bird tattoos out there for them to choose from! Feathered creatures give us a different viewpoint of life, making them a fitting symbol of freedom. Eagles, in particular, have long been associated with rebirth and power – the perfect choice to represent strength. Swallows are often an ideal symbol for travelers and mean leaving their past behind and exploring new lands. Plus, their varied color options make them great additions to vibrant designs! Consider placing the tattoo where it will be easily seen, and that will prompt regular glances, reminding you why you got it in the first place.


Ferns are a timeless nature theme and make an excellent choice for tattoo designs on arms or legs. Additionally, ferns make for striking backdrops across backs, shoulders, or torsos. These nature-themed tattoos can be gorgeous, and carry great symbolic value, like the fern – which symbolizes new beginnings, hope, growth, and endurance. These fern tattoos often combine multiple images for more significant impact and personal identification. For instance, a woman might choose to have one on her chest and a mandala symbol to convey that she’s assertive yet detail-oriented. Combining a fern and peony flower symbolizes how meaningful nature is to women. Both characters represent beauty, wealth, and good luck – this combination allows women to celebrate both qualities at once while showing their affinity with nature.


Snowflakes are lovely ice crystals formed when water vapor in the air freezes onto dust particles and solidifies into a crystal form. Their shapes vary depending on factors like temperature and location where they form, creating some truly spectacular designs. No two snowflakes are alike because the molecules of water that make up each ice crystal must arrange themselves into specific spaces (known as crystallization) to form six-sided structures symmetrically and form each snowflake’s unique six-sided shape. Snowflakes also take on different shapes when they reach the ground, giving each snowflake its own individual aesthetic. When cold temperatures, snowflakes often form into flat plates or long columns, while warmer conditions often produce prism-shaped snowflakes. At SkoolOfCode, our real-life observations and coding activities engage students in STEM education. We also have our Snowflakes Coding Kit available for children interested in snowflake-related learning activities.