Moon Picture design Ideas – The Symbolism and Meaning Behind This Ancient Star Shape

A moon picture design represents a natural symbol of motion, and perhaps why this particular star shape has been so popular. When viewed from any distance, it appears to rotate slowly and steadily, similar to the moon. However, it is important to remember that there are many different interpretations for these designs depending on your personal beliefs and personal vision. Here are some basic moon picture design ideas as well as some examples of this type of design being used in modern tattoo art today:

A moon picture design has a long and fascinating history and meaning. The symbol has always represented the female energy of the moon and its mystical significance is also reflected in its astrological counterpart, the zodiac sign. This picture design falls under the category of “moon-sign” picture design because it usually features a crescent-shaped moon with multiple halos around its edge. The crescent moon has the most significance for many cultures and is associated with the phases of the moon. For these reasons the moon picture designs for many generations have been strongly connected to the phases of the moon and have often been used as a tribal tattoo style.

A moon tattoo is perhaps the strongest of all pictures incorporating the significance human elements play on life. It can also represent body art meanings of womanhood, duality, aspects of feminineinity and sexuality, or is used in conjunction with tribal or other artistic, new wave creations. The moon picture designs represent the moon’s cycles as well as the symbolization of womanhood or woman’s energy on the nature, animal and human level. When combined with other tattoo images, this type of tattoo can add a feminine artistic touch to a lady’s body. This article includes moon picture designs that may be suitable for a female tattoo.

Moon picture designs are a great way to get attention and draw many people to your tattoo. They are the perfect example of a work of art that is not only beautiful to look at but is strong and can speak volumes with its symbolism. But which designs are the best? Read on to discover how you can pick the best picture design ideas for your body!

Picture designs and Ideas – Moon Picture design

A moon tattoo is perhaps the most charged of all pictures featuring the significance human elements play in existence. It is also often used in combination with tribal, Celtic or sun designs to produce unique Image ideas. This kind of tattoo is great for any part of the body with earth toned color scheme as it will match any skin tone. It symbolizes the moon’s birth and the feminine power that are inherent in the female form. It can also represent body art ideas related to the concept of duality, female beauty, aspects of womanhood and duality, or is used in connecting artistic tatoo ideas.

Moon and sun picture designs are so popular nowadays. It is not only because of its good looks but also because of its symbolic meaning. Sun and moon tattoo simply represents opposite characteristic and opposing attitude. While the moon is symbolic of feminine mysticism, the sun stands for masculine power.


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