Memorial Tattoos – Getting a Tattoo in Memory of a Loved One

Introduction: Memorial tattoos are an elegant way to remember a beloved person who has passed away. Various styles are available, each with its special meaning for the recipient.

Styles for Memorial tattoos:

– Quotes

– Angel wings

– Portraits

– Names and dates

– Religious symbols

– Flowers


– Consider the symbolism you want to include in the tattoo

– Important dates, images, or anything significant to the loved one and you

– Symbol representative of the loved one’s personality

– Animal symbols like red cardinals and butterflies

– Anchor for stability and security

– Angel wings as a common symbol

– Religious symbols like crosses

– Vase symbolizing mourning

Choosing Placement:

– Consult with the tattoo artist for the best placement

– Visible or concealed designs

– Memorials come in various sizes and styles


– Select a design that represents you deeply

– Research popular memorial tattoo designs

– Unique personalization with handwriting or favorite phrase

– Include the loved one’s handwriting, name, or date

– Design celebrating their life or accomplishments

– Keep in mind the need for subtlety and respect

Getting a Memorial Tattoo:

– A way to pay respect and honor the memory of someone dear

– Memorial tattoos may aid in healing from the loss

– Select symbols and images reflecting the person’s character

– Dog tags for fallen soldiers

– Choose a skilled artist who specializes in memorial tattoos

– Double-check spelling and grammar

– Consult with a literate friend for accuracy

– Bring a picture of your loved one for the artist’s reference

– Explore designs and styles for inspiration

Conclusion: Getting a memorial tattoo is an emotional and essential step in honoring a lost loved one. It keeps their memory close throughout life and constantly reminds them of the chosen design and its significance.