Meaningful Small Symbol Tattoos

If you value your family, consider getting a tattoo that celebrates them, whether they are biological, adopted, or close friends.

Sun and Moon

The sun and moon represent the balance between opposing forces in life, such as light and dark, or our connection with the universe. Nature-inspired Tattoos or symbols of faith can also be meaningful.


Owls are associated with wisdom, intuition, and secret knowledge. An owl tattoo can serve as a reminder of mortality or our ability to tap into information not accessible to others.


Bird Tattoos symbolize affection, tranquility, and faith. They can also be personalized with meaningful song lyrics, quotes, or movie lines. A semi-colon tattoo can represent mental health awareness and resilience.


A tree tattoo represents love for nature, hope, and renewal. It can also symbolize mental illness advocacy or surviving suicide, similar to the semicolon symbol. The ampersand tells connection and going with the flow.


Moths symbolize transformation and the acceptance of change. They may also represent happiness and personal growth. Moth Tattoos can be associated with spiritual enlightenment or seeking knowledge.


Dragon Tattoos represent power, strength, and purity. They can also evoke childhood fantasies and spiritual meanings. Adding angel wings, reincarnation symbols, or serpents to the design can add symbolism.