Mayan Tattoos

Mayan tattoos are a popular choice for body art enthusiasts. These designs incorporate traditional symbolism with elements of mystery and adventure for a unique aesthetic.


In the ancient Maya empire, people often got tattooed with symbols representing their gods. This was seen as a sacrifice to bring blessings from the corresponding god.

The Maya created their intricate writing system called hieroglyphs. Decoded in the 1820s, these symbols remain famous for tattoo designs today, showcasing individual style and culture.

Mayan Sun tattoos

If you adore the sun, consider getting a Mayan sun tattoo. This symbol represents divinity and productivity, making it a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts.

Zotz (Bat) tattoos

Bat tattoos are popular in Mayan culture. They symbolize rebirth, intuition, and power, making them ideal for individuals going through life changes or transitions.

Mayan Calendar

The Mayan calendar is complex and offers endless design options for tattoos. Divided into three cycles – Tzolkin, Haab, and Long Count – it carries symbolic meanings.

Dragon tattoos

Dragons symbolize power and strength and have long been depicted in legends and folklore. They are beloved symbols in many cultures, making them ideal for tattoo designs.

Snake Tattoos

Snakes carry various meanings, representing wisdom, transformation, and rebirth. They can be a perfect symbol for those seeking new beginnings.

Mayan Sculpture

Sculpture is an artistic medium used to create and depict various subjects. It can be a powerful way to express beliefs and emotions, honoring significant individuals in one’s life.

Mayan Religious Symbols

Mayan designs often feature symbols connected to their gods, emphasizing their intense religious beliefs. These gods could be half-human, half-animal, and bring luck or wealth.

Popular Mayan tattoos include the Hunab Ku, snake, and owl. These iconic images have deep cultural significance and make excellent choices for tattoos.