Lotus Tattoo – The Symbol of Hope and Love

Lotus Flower Tattoo designs to get you hyped up? We have them here! 101 Great Lotus Tattoo Designs, pictures, galleries, artists, et al.

Whether you are looking for an original tattoo design or one that is less mainstream, a lotus tattoo is the perfect choice for you. Lotus tattoos are said to represent nature, wealth, beauty, life, and immortality.

What does lotus symbolize

These tattoos are known to portray love, respect, loyalty, courage, spirituality, and compassion. These are the traits that make a person a true hero.

So how do you find the perfect tattoo for your body? First and foremost, find a design that represents your personality. Remember that the tattoo should represent what it is that you want it to say to other people. Also, remember that the design should be unique and stand out from the rest.

Popular lotus ideas

There are so many designs to choose from. You could choose a flower such as roses, daisies, tulips, and lilies. It doesn’t matter what kind of flower you choose, just make sure that it reflects your personality and it will look amazing on your body.

Flower with fish

Lotus tattoos come in all sorts of forms. They can be very simple or elaborate. You could even get a tattoo that depicts a lotus or a flower with a fish or another sea creature.

Lotus with butterfly

You could also get a butterfly tattoo, or a flower or other type of tattoo if it is in your style. A lotus tattoo is a very popular choice, so you could always check into getting a few designs first before actually getting the actual tattoo done.

Lotus tattoo Placement

These tattoos are usually very easy to get, as they can be placed anywhere on the body. Since they can be anywhere on the body, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. If you are still undecided, there are plenty of great tattoo shops that have a variety of Lotus designs to choose from.


If you choose to have your Lotus tattoo done professionally, you will be surprised at how cheap it really is. They often have low overhead, so they don’t have to charge as much as you would expect to pay at a tattoo shop.

Easily hidden

These tattoos are easy to remove. You don’t have to go in for surgery or anything drastic, which can take weeks or months to heal. After you get the tattoo, you can easily get another one right away.

These tattoos look great with different colors. The traditional design has red, black, and white, but you could also have some other colors to add to it.

Various color lotus tattoo

You can have one in black and white or any color you would like. This is a very versatile design that looks good on a lot of people.


You could even get a tattoo on your ankle, wrist, knee, or ankle. If you are a woman, then a tattoo on your lower back is also a nice touch. It looks amazing.

Budha lotus tattoo

These tattoos have been around for thousands of years. There are several myths about the origins of the design. They are also said to have originally been used to depict the legendary Buddha.

One good thing about a lotus tattoo is that it is very easy to change. If you feel like you want something different, you could always do some minor alteration to it. You could get your tattoo artist to ink over it and make it exactly how you want it, which gives you the ability to have it exactly the way you want it.


These tattoos are a great symbol of love and hope. It represents life and all the beautiful things that you can experience once you have reached your goal.

When choosing your Lotus tattoo, keep in mind that the tattoo artist will give you an exact design and not make it look like it. is already there. It is best to have it designed to be exact to your body’s specifications before the tattoo artist does his work.

Lotus tattoos design

There’s a reason why many women love a symbol that represents life and love. A tattoo of a single-shade, deep blue symbol of a flower with petals or two will bring to mind a peaceful, serene place full of peace, love, and joy. What could be better than a flower with its petals falling off the top? What could be better than a flower with petals that look like they are about to fall off?


There are so many places you can get a picture of a Lotus tattoo. You can find images of a real flower tattooed on other parts of your body as well. Some of the most popular choices include: inside the lower back, on the chest, armpits, buttocks, and ankle. You can also go to the internet and search for pictures of real flowers that people have tattooed.


The best thing about a Lotus tattoo is how it looks in black. Black has always been the base color that most people choose when it comes to designing tattoos. However, it doesn’t always have to be. It’s possible to find an image in a different color. That gives you the option of picking a design and using a color that will make it look good in any part of the body.


If you have the time to draw out a beautiful design, it is possible to get a unique, original, and special tattoo. There are many people who have tattooed their petals off on different parts of their body, creating an image that looks just like a real flower. For people who want something unique, they are often given the freedom to create a unique design and place their own design on their body.

Lotus tattoo design placement

If your tattoo is small, it is often possible to put it somewhere other than on the center of your back or front. The tattoo artist may be able to help you do this, so that your tattoo can be placed elsewhere, such as on the lower back, the side of the neck, or anywhere else that your skin can easily cover it. If the tattoo is big, you should still be able to place it anywhere on your body where it will look good.

Beautiful placement

Just because a tattoo has a flower design doesn’t mean that it has to be placed on the front of the body. It can be placed anywhere else in the body. For example, a design on your shoulder or on your lower back can look great. Some people place the tattoo on their ankle, lower back, calf, or foot. You can also wear a flower-style flower on your stomach.

Visible lotus tattoo placement

 When you’re considering where you’ll place a tattoo, you should think about where it will be visible from the front. If you want it on your back or side, you may want to place it on the outer side or the side of the back. However, if you want it in a visible area, you may want to put it somewhere visible from the back of your leg or on the outer side of your foot.

Lotus tattoo Final design

If you’re concerned about the placement, then you can always have the tattoo artist show you what it looks like on other areas of your body, before they give you a final design.

Popular image

This tattoo is a popular image used for ink placement. It represents an image of love, beauty and perfection. Although the art of placing tattoo images on skin is as old as recorded history, the original design still holds great appeal today.

History and symbolism

The history of this tattoo has roots that go back to the Indian Subcontinent. The image of the flower was often shown during weddings and other celebrations. It was also a symbol of eternal love, which many people hoped would last forever. It was also believed to protect the wearer against evil spirits. Even today, it remains an appealing piece of artwork that is still loved by so many.

There are many places in the world where you can get your tattoo. In the United States, it is very popular among the upper class, especially among women. It seems to be a common theme among many of the celebrities that have appeared in magazines and films. It also goes back to the ancient times of India.

The symbolism of the flower and its ability to symbolize purity and beauty is what makes the image so appealing. You can easily see that it is very beautiful and perfect.

The meaning of the lotus tattoo can be different at different places. For example, in the Buddhist religion, it means that the person has been enlightened enough to understand the true meaning of life and their relationship to their surroundings.

On the other hand, the meaning of the flower in Christianity is simply that of life. It is a symbol that helps them understand that all things are meant to be enjoyed and not put to use for something else. They can also help you in reminding yourself that you should not take your happiness for granted.

Feminine beauty

Lotus tattoos are considered as very feminine in nature. Many women choose to have it done in the ankle or foot as a symbol of fertility. This flower can also represent love and devotion.

If you are looking for a lotus tattoo, it is important that you consider the symbolism of the flower. It can represent purity and beauty, but it also carries a message of devotion.

When you get a lotus flower tattoo, you will have to think carefully about the message that you want to convey with it. You may also want to include the symbolism of the flower as well in order to make it unique.


One of the best places to get a lotus flower is on the ankle. Most people have seen it done in the foot. This is because it is easy to draw and can be hidden away into the background of the design.

A lotus flower is often used to represent your connection to a spiritual world. The lotus flower tattoo can bring about the feeling that your life is divine and that the universe supports you and your journey.

On the other hand, a lotus tattoo can also represent life after death. Many people believe that this flower can bring about a change in the way things turn out. Your connection to the natural world will likely end when you pass on.


The lotus flower is one of the most popular tattoo designs available and has a great variety of meanings. By getting your own tattoo of the lotus flower, you are able to express your individual interpretation of its meaning.

Another reason that the lotus flower is a popular choice is because it is very easy to draw. If you are someone who loves tattoos but doesn’t have the skill to draw them yourself, getting your lotus tattoo design done can be a great idea.

For example, if you are a fan of Chinese art, getting your lotus flower tattoo done with a tribal design can help make you more familiar with the symbols and meanings. If you don’t know Chinese, you can get someone to draw it for you.

A lotus tattoo is an interesting and unique choice. If you want a flower that is easy to draw, has a wide variety of meanings and a strong symbolic meaning, getting a lotus flower tattoo may be right for you. Take your time and decide on your favorite design before you get a tattoo done.

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