A Little Mermaid Tattoo Will Capture Your Imagination

No matter your taste in music or film, mermaid tattoos will capture your imagination! Many symbolic meanings are associated with these sea creatures: nature, intuition, birth/rebirth, and creation can all be represented here.

Mermaids: Myth, Legend, and Beauty

Mermaids have long been associated with myth, legend, and beauty. Depicted as an alluring mariner with seductive aquatic sounds, she may represent danger, seduction, sexuality, or all three simultaneously.

Ariel: The Adventurous Mermaid Princess

Ariel is an adventurous and charming mermaid princess eager to experience new cultures. This often causes tension between herself, King Triton, and Sebastian, her father and court composer.

Ariel’s Identity Crisis

Although she cares for her father and wants to remain a mermaid, Ariel finds herself increasingly attracted to human society’s promise of a better life. This makes her increasingly independent and rebellious as her identity shifts towards human values.

A Deal with the Sea Witch: Ursula

After saving Eric from drowning, Ariel visits Ursula, the sea witch, who offers to transform her into human form in exchange for her voice and freedom. However, toto maintain both, she must convince Prince Eric to kiss her within three days or lose them forever.

Ursula: The Sinister Antagonist

Ursula, the main antagonist in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, makes quite an impression with her menacing purple tentacles and sinister look. She’s one of the most memorable characters from this movie, and you’ll love immortalizing her with an iconic tattoo design.

Flounder: The Loyal Friend

If you love The Little Mermaid, get a tattoo of one of Ariel and Sebastian’s most memorable characters: Flounder! He saves Ariel when they both go overboard during a storm, so getting his image as your tattoo could be perfect.

Sebastian: Celebrating the Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a beloved Disney film that teaches many young girls the value of self-esteem and celebrates it through tattoo designs featuring its main protagonist. Fans who wish to commemorate this story often opt for Little Mermaid tattoo designs as an outward declaration.

Seashells: Beauty and Symbolism

Seashells are hard protective encasings produced by marine invertebrates. Their hard shells protect them from predators and environmental stressors.

Mermaids and tattoos

Mermaids are beautiful feminine creatures, and tattoos could portray innocence, sweetness, and beauty. Additionally, mermaids may represent freedom, magic, and independence.