Lil Peep Tattoos

Lil Peep had various Tattoos that held special meaning for him. Examples include a horseshoe symbolizing luck, his birthday date in Roman numerals, and a crescent moon representing hope. He also had “Get cake die young” tattooed on his forehead and the word ‘Hellboy’ on his neck.

Start Shopping

“Star Shopping” is one of Lil Peep’s emotional songs about being in a long-term romantic relationship. He expresses how his partner doesn’t value him much and asks for her patience as he tries to improve himself. Lil Peep also had the Roman numerals MCM and XCVI tattooed on both hands, representing his birth year, 1996.

Under the Influence

Lil Peep was a passionate enthusiast for cannabis and other drugs. He had a tattoo of a glass of wine with a star beneath it, possibly indicating that he was under the influence when getting the tattoo. He also had the word “Daddy” boldly tattooed across his chest, inspired by the release of his mixtape “Hellboy.”

Cry Baby

Besides the “Cry Baby” tattoo, Lil Peep had other tattoos, including spider webs and race car flags. The spider symbolized wealth, while the race car flags reflected his interest in fast cars and racing. He also had the Playboy bunny logo tattooed on his hand, representing his devotion to Playboy magazine and showcasing his sexuality.


Lil Peep recently got Tattoos of lyrics from his music, such as “Get Cake Die Young.” He woke up one morning and discovered it was written across his forehead. He also had his birth date and zodiac sign tattooed on his arm and neck.

Black Rose

Black roses symbolize death, grief, renewal, and deep devotion. Tattooing oneself with a black rose often has a Gothic aesthetic meaning or expresses individuality and rebellion against social norms.

Broken Heart

If you’re a Lil Peep fan wanting to show your loyalty with tattoos, some of Lil Peep’s Tattoos can be great choices. For example, the horseshoe tattoo on his forehead symbolizes good luck. He also had ‘Cry Baby’ written on his cheek and prominently displayed the Playboy Bunny logo.

Home Sick

Lil Peep, known for his emo-rap sound, had meaningful Tattoos representing different aspects of himself. For instance, the star tattoo below his right eye symbolizes fighting darkness, possibly alluding to his depression and suicide attempts. He also had an Uzi hand tattoo on his left arm with the words ‘F**k the Opps,’ possibly as personal references.

Face Tattoos

Tattoos allow Lil Peep fans to show their devotion to him, similar to other rappers. Examples include Tekashi 6ix9ine’s “69” and Lil Wayne’s tear tattoos. Lil Peep had a tattoo of his pet dog on his left lower leg, representing their close bond. He also had a scorpion tattooed on the nape of his neck.