A Libra Sign Tattoo For Guys Who Prefer Simplicity

An arm tattoo with a simple glyph design looks nice and won’t stand out much, making this an excellent Libra sign tattoo option for men who prefer subtlety.

Lady Justice Tattoo

This Lady Justice tattoo symbolizes Librans’ quest for peace and harmony. The blindfold represents the goddess Themis as a judge.

Linear Glyph with Scale Symbol

Libras are known for being caring, compassionate individuals. This linear glyph features their sign’s distinctive scale symbol and the constellation around the moon for added dimension.

Scales for Harmony

Libras seek harmony in life. Their scales symbolize their desire for balance and seeing both sides of an argument before making a fair decision. Personalize the Libra tattoo by adding more symbols for added flair!

Scales with Constellations

This tattoo features scales with constellations above them and adds sun and moon symbols for extra visual impact. Ideal for anyone wanting to creatively display their zodiac sign!

Libra Constellation

If you want a tattoo with more personal significance, try this design featuring the Libra constellation behind your ear. The blue color adds elegance to this piece, which will draw attention.

Scales for Balance

The scales symbol represents balance in life and showcases a balanced personality. Another option is a yin-yang tattoo symbolizing cosmic and personal equilibrium.

Modern Scales

This Libra tattoo offers a modern take on traditional scales. Its unique design incorporates black and white colors, crayon-like lettering, and negative space for added beauty.

Scales Design

Libras strive to find balance in life, and this tattoo symbolizes their level-headed approach. The scale design represents their sign’s characteristics.

Word “Libra” Tattoo

Engraving the word “Libra” is a popular idea for a Libra tattoo. This minimalist-style tattoo can be combined with other designs or incorporate constellations for added meaning.