Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoos

Tattoos featuring “laugh now, cry later” designs are an entertaining and unique way to show off your personality.


tattoos serve to remind us all to live life fully and with abandon. The laugh now, cry later tattoo is popular on many people’s bodies. But before getting one, it is essential to comprehend its symbolism and significance.

These designs are inspired by theatrical masks that combine comedy and tragedy. These designs have been around for nearly three thousand years, also referred to as drama masks, comedy-tragic masks, or theater masks. Rapper Ice Cube popularized these designs, but they have been around for a long time. Contrary to popular belief, they date back to Ancient Greek culture, where Melpomene’s tragic face inspired her artwork.

Though these designs often depict a sad face, they can actually signify various things. For instance, they could symbolize hardship that you must learn from and move on from, as well as success and growth from it. Another way to interpret this design is to envision two skulls, one laughing and the other crying. These skulls represent our inevitable mortality – a powerful reminder to cherish every moment of life because we never know when it will end.


The laugh now, cry later tattoo is a popular design that symbolizes the idea that life should be savored while it lasts. It usually features two skulls – one laughing and one crying – to signify the importance of living in the present while enjoying one’s existence.

The design can have many interpretations, depending on who views it. Some take it as a reminder to live life fully and accept things as they come, while others see strength and resilience in it, suggesting that one can easily overcome challenges. Alternatively, it could signify the Chinese concept of yin and yang, emphasizing how everything in life is connected and balanced. No matter its interpretation, a laugh now, cry later tattoo offers an entertaining yet vibrant way to express your beliefs about life.

Some of the most sought-after designs for this tattoo feature two skulls, clowns, and tears. You can combine these symbols in various ways to create unique and personalized tattoos that will turn heads. Another popular option is a pair of dice, which can symbolize the ups and downs in life. These dice may be interpreted as gambling symbols or included in more traditional designs with cards and flowers.

These tattoos can be on the upper torso. While this is the most popular location to get a laugh now-cry later tattoo, the exact location depends entirely on you and your artist. Many laughs now cry later tattoos can be combined with other symbols, such as hearts, to give them extra personality and significance. Seats make perfect choices for a laugh now cry later tattoo due to their symbol of love and compassion.


Finding a laugh now-cry later tattoo that stands out from the crowd can be tricky, but there are steps you can take to help it look as great as it feels. Start by considering what type of design you want and how it will appear; visible places such as on clothing or where you plan on going when getting it done are ideal spots for this type of design. Furthermore, consider what message or emotion you want it to signify and how long you plan to wear it.


tattoos that feature “Laugh now, cry later” messages are an excellent way to demonstrate that you’re not afraid to face your fears. Additionally, these designs can help keep you upbeat during trying times and assure you that things will improve.

Choose from a range of designs for a laugh-now-cry-later tattoo. Some popular tattoo designs feature skulls, clowns, and tears. You can combine these elements to create unique and personalized tattoos. Another famous laugh now, cry later tattoo design is a drama mask. This design features two faces smiling and crying simultaneously, often used as gambling symbols or to symbolize life’s ups and downs.

Depending on the size and complexity of a laugh now cry later tattoo, prices can range anywhere from $60 to $300. Additionally, how long it takes the artist to ink your design will influence pricing. Most laugh now cry later tattoos are located on the upper body, but they can also be applied to other body parts such as your back, shoulder, or neck. tattoos can be placed on your arms, chest, leg, or calf; however, it’s best to consult your tattoo artist about the best placement first.

Are you searching for a laugh-now cry later tattoo that’s simple and stunning? Look no further than this minimalist design! It’s ideal for those just starting or who want an eye-catching design that makes an impact.