Kids Name Tattoos

Kids’ name tattoos are a fantastic way to demonstrate devotion and love for children. Sabrina Rogers-Anderson, a tattoo artist, suggests that this practice could cause embarrassment to your kids in years to come and may not be worth taking the risk.

Infinity Symbol

An infinity tattoo with names is an excellent choice for attraction. It can be simple with just the names of those close to you, or it may include other elements for added meaning. When getting an infinity tattoo with words, make sure the font is legible and easy to read. Illegibility will negate the purpose of having such a design in the first place!

Additionally, consider where you want the tattoo placed before deciding which infinity tattoo with names works best for you. For instance, you can ink a small infinity symbol anywhere on your body – even hidden or non-visible areas. When selecting where to place it, pick something that reflects your style and personality.

Balloons on a String

The balloons on a string tattoo is one of the most sought-after children’s name tattoos, as it conveys your affection without having to say it aloud. Furthermore, this design works excellently if you don’t want your child’s name to be too big or intricate. In addition to a tattoo, this design can also be used as wall art. Arrange the balloons in different ways for an imaginative and playful effect. Another option for balloons on a string tattoo is to turn it into an air-filled arch or garland. You can use clear balloon decorating strips with evenly spaced-out holes. If you’re hosting a party, this method of decorating the place for guests works excellently. Just leave some extra string hanging from either side of the banner to prevent it from falling apart if any balloons shift during transit. Banksy’s iconic heart-shaped balloon has a special place within his work and conveys many powerful messages. The artist has revisited and reproduced this iconic artwork multiple times throughout his career.

Baby Footprint

Baby footprint tattoos are an adorable and playful way to remember your child’s first steps. This unique kids’ name tattoo idea looks great on the arm or chest. Many hospitals still take newborns’ footprints when they arrive for birth certificates, a tradition dating back to the 1960s. This helps hospitals identify newborns and prevents them from being misidentified or switched with another infant. If you’re considering tattooing a baby’s footprint, use water-based paint or ink pads that are safe for your little one. Look for products with the Art and Creative Materials Institute Approved Product Seal or search online for certified child and baby-safe paints. When printing on your baby’s feet, hold their foot firmly by their ankle, as infants can be fidgety and difficult to print. Press paper onto their feet firmly with an ink pad or paint and cover every surface evenly. While more quick and convenient than a fingerprint, this method of child identification is safe and dependable. Plus, hospitals now have an electronic feature that scans babies’ footprints for electronic identification, helping prevent infant abduction and wrongful adoption – issues that are growing in concern.


Flower tattoos are an excellent way to display your child’s name proudly. The rose is a timeless, feminine flower associated with love and romance. There are various colors of roses, each with special significance: red symbolizes passionate love, soft pink signifies gratitude and grace, and yellow represents friendship and contentment. Another classic flower tattoo design is the poppy, which honors fallen war soldiers. A poppy tattoo can be an emotional tribute to someone special or a pretty and delicate reminder that you care. A lily is a floral design seen on women’s bodies and symbolizes purity, loyalty, and grace. When selecting your lily color, be aware of its symbolic meaning – so consult your artist about what works best for you. Balloons on a string are another excellent idea for kids’ name tattoos. Not only are they easy to draw, but they add an adorable and playful touch. As a bonus, why not include a tiny heart in your design – hearts symbolize love and can represent a child’s name!

Cursive Name

Cursive characters tend to be gentler on the skin and thus heal more quickly. Another lovely design is having your child’s name written in flowers, which can symbolize fertility and love. These types of tattoos have become increasingly popular as they offer a feminine yet meaningful aesthetic. This tattoo is ideal for moms who want their child’s names to stand out and be visible on their bodies. It also looks good on any bicep or chest area, provided the child’s name isn’t too short to fit on the arm. If you’re after something more intricate, consider getting an arrow child’s name tattoo. This simple design features the kid’s name written out with a curving style alongside an arrow, showing off your strong bond as parents and ideal if you have multiple children.

Family Tree

Tattooing a family tree could be just a simple tree with names or an intricate genogram. Additionally, trees have long been associated with strength and connection – they symbolize wisdom and endurance, after all! Selecting a tattoo design suitable for children can be tricky. Trees can be an uplifting symbol for your family, representing strength, connection, and affection. Family tree tattoos are most often placed on the upper arm or forearm, but can also be inked onto chest or back skin.