Justin Bieber Tattoo Meaning

Justin Bieber is no different – as any pop star should, he sports several Tattoos representing aspects of his life and beliefs.

Tiger Tattoo

His left bicep is inked with an image of a tiger, symbolizing aggression and dominance; this tattoo began its journey in 2014.

Owl Tattoo

On the right side of his neck lies an owl tattoo, which symbolizes wisdom.

Lion and Bear Tattoos

Justin Bieber’s lion tattoo symbolizes strength, power, bravery, and protection. He wore this tattoo on his arm to showcase his fearless nature.

Justin got a bear tattoo as an homage to his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

“Purpose” Tattoo

Justin got a tattoo of a musical note with the word “Purpose” to represent his Christian religious faith and remind himself of his life’s purpose.

“Better At 70” Tattoo

Justin’s “Better At 70” tattoo above his knee reminds him to constantly strive for growth and improvement. He hopes to have no regrets when reflecting on his life at 70.

Compass, Treble Clef, and Star Tattoos

The compass tattoo on Justin’s shoulder represents his desire for direction in life.

The treble clef symbol on his torso represents his love for music.

The star tattoo on his thigh represents the guiding light during dark times.

Religious Tattoos

Justin has multiple Tattoos that reflect his religious beliefs, including Hebrew lettering for Jesus and the word Yeshua.

The star tattoo on his rib cage symbolizes guidance and protection.

The LL tattoo on his inner bicep represents “Low Lift” and reminds him to stay positive during difficult times.

Bird Tattoo

Justin’s small bird tattoo represents wisdom and reminds him of the imperfections he strives to overcome.

Knight Tattoo

The giant knight tattoo on his left wrist is believed to symbolize his courteous behavior towards women and girls.

The owl tattoo on his forearm represents knowledge and intelligence.