Justin Bieber Face Tattoo Cross

Justin Bieber has been slowly building his tattoo collection since he was 16 and shows no sign of stopping, despite recent struggles with facial paralysis. Even while receiving treatments, Bieber continues to add new pieces to his tattoos.

The Cross Symbol

The cross has long been seen as an icon representing hope, redemption, faith, strength, and courage in various cultures worldwide. Bieber recently got a large cross tattoo on his chest, which stands above an angel tattoo he already had. The cross is a symbol of Christianity for Bieber.

The Arm Tattoo

An arm tattoo with a cross is a prominent symbol of spirituality, particularly for Christians. Bieber decided to get a large cross tattoo on the inside of his arm as a symbol of Christianity in 2012. He also has another tattoo bearing the phrase “Son of God” to show his commitment to faith. He and Bieber inked their rib cages with Hebrew letters for Jesus during their My World tour in 2011.

The Leg Tattoo

The cross is an iconic religious symbol with deep history, representing Rome’s execution of Jesus Christ. Bieber has inked another religious character on his leg: a Bible. He also pays tribute to his late grandfather by inking a Native American’s face onto his shoulder blade.

The Face Tattoo

Justin Bieber has added a face tattoo featuring a cross, courtesy of New York-based celebrity artist Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena. The tattoo symbolizes Bieber’s Christian faith with the placement of “grace” above his right eyebrow.