John Wick Tattoo Design Ideas – Finding Great Tattoo Designs to Express Your Unique Personality

If you’re looking for the best tattoo drawing on John wick, then you’ve come to the right place. Tattoo artists around the world have re-created the classic look of John Wick and made it into a tattoo design that is sure to be a big hit with fans and tattoo collectors. John Wick is an anti-hero who travel around the world, seeking out those that have wronged him, and he wears a tattoo to symbolize his status as the best shot man.

John Wick Tattoo Design Ideas – Finding Great Tattoo Designs to Express Your Unique Personality

johnwick had just recently lost his wife to an early, terminal cancer and was reeling from her loss. The final straw was the unexpected gift of a dachshund dog named Daisy. This gift was intended to help the former bounty hunter to move forward with his existence and possibly find new meaning in his life. Here are some johnwick tattoo design ideas that would make a great addition to your body.





johnwick got his ink on the left side of his belly, but changed his mind about getting a ink the next day when he visited his ink artist. He explained that he was torn between two great designs, a western-themed ink and a dragon tattoo.

Small Tattoo Design Ideas – John Wick Tattoo – The Best Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking for small ink design ideas johnwick ink is the way to go. He is a former assassin turned good man and has done what it takes to become a much loved and respected gunslinger. With a life full of crime and a love for guns, johnwick has become the man you turn to when you need some gunslingers in your life.


johnwick’s story is one of the most interesting portrayals of a man who loses everything but yet finds strength in a new purpose in his life after losing everything. johnwick is a master assassin, a man with little regard for life other than the life he leads. However, what most people do not realize is that John is not the type of person who would choose a ink based solely on the current trends in ink design. Instead, he was created as a character by the master ink artist, Don Ed Hardy. To learn more about why johnwick ink is one of the most original modern ink ideas, read on.

John Wick Tattoo Design Ideas

johnwick has been tattooed with many unique ink designs. He is a tough guy who has a tough attitude toward those that are mean or bad. John is a hardcore outdoorsman and a gunslinger in the movies. There are many johnwick ink ideas for you to look at.


johnwick is one of the hottest action films of the year and if you want to get a ink design idea of johnwick you can find many ink design ideas below. We have listed some of our favorite johnwick ink design ideas and included some of the best tattoos we have found for this particular character. If you are looking for a great johnwick ink design, look no further as we have compiled some of our favorite ink ideas for johnwick that you will be sure to love. Enjoy!


There are few characters in the movies that have as colorful and interesting a history as . He is both a hero and a villain, a gunslinger and a sheriff. There is numerous johnwick ink Meaning from the movies, that are filled with symbolism. The character names all echo ancient and Greek mythology. In addition, the story structure is often just that of Shakespeare s, as well as the sometimes hard-hitting action sequences.

John Wick Tattoo Draws

johnwick had just recently lost his only wife to an incurable terminal disease and was desperately reeling from her loss. The last item she left him was an ecstatic beagle dog which was now known as Daisy.

Collar bone

This gift would help the ex-convict move on towards his next life and possibly find true meaning in his future adventures. Unfortunately, the dog was killed in the middle of an airplane flight and Wick realized that he would never see his beloved wife again. The plane crash then took its toll on Wick, who was overcome with guilt and despair, and so he gathered up the remaining pieces of Daisy’s jewelry which were then later used to create the tattoo drawing that we are about to look at.

Small Tattoo Design Ideas – Where to Find the Best Small Tattoo Design Ideas

johnwickham is one of the most famous and recognizable tattoo artists of our times. He started his career doing airbrushing on TV shows, and gradually his work spread across the UK and the world, and now has a permanent place in many peoples’ skin.


But where does one go for great small tattoo design ideas? You’ll find a lot of websites offering free small tattoo design ideas, but how many actually give you fresh and original ideas, that you’ll be excited to show off to your friends and family? Well here is where I will introduce you to some of the best tattoo sites on the web, who have been helping many people find and create amazing small tattoo design ideas which they can wear with pride, and that they are sure to love!

John Wick Tattoo Meaning – Finding Meaning in the Small Tattoo That Was Plastered All Over the Place

johnwick is one of the more exciting and action packed movies of the year. Many fans of Keanu Reeves have enjoyed the intense sequences of gun battle choreographed by Reeves’ fighting prowess. But what most are surprised to know is that he also has a small tattoo tucked on his bicep. This small tattoo can be seen while he is getting dressed in the movie. The question now is how did this small tattoo end up on Keanu’s body? While the purpose of a small tattoo is not clear, we can still try to unravel the meaning of johnwick’s small tattoo.

Top 5 John Wick Tattoo Ideas

There is countless johnwick Tattoo Designs from the movies, which are all rich in symbolism. The characters’ names echo Greek and Roman mythology as well. In addition, the storyline is often that of Shakespeare’s, as well as the high-action sequences often being balustrade or balletic. These modern tattoo ideas can be great ideas for your next tattoo, and here are the top 5 johnwick ideas for your consideration:

Tattoo Ideas – John Wick Tattoo

The Meanest Tattoo Ever. The Meanest Tattoo In The World. The symbol used by the resistance against the oppression of the Bat Life. Tattoo designs symbolize a deep connection with the universe and a multitude of struggles.

John Wick Tattoo Design – Get A Modern Tattoo Idea That You Can Use Today!

If you have ever wondered what johnwick would look like today like we can provide you with a great johnwick tattoo design review that will leave you intrigued and well equipped to make your own choice. You may even decide to join in the growing number of people having tattoos inspired by johnwick’s famous role as the hit man, John. The modern tattoo ideas offered by this article are designed to give you tattoo designs that you can use, change and incorporate into your own tattoo style. Take some time to check out the information and tips provided on this article, and soon you too will be sporting a great johnwick tattoo design.


One of my favorite new tattoos recently. I especially like the concept of a tattoo drawing that was based on a tattoo I saw on someone. The johnwick Tattoo may be just the right idea for you. johnwick is actually one of the funniest and most unique action movies of recent years. Watch as we take a look at this new tattoo drawing.

3 of the Best Tattoo Design Ideas For Small Tattoo Designs

The johnwick tattoo may be just the right idea for you. johnwick is among the funniest and most entertaining film of recent years. The film itself is all about an ex HITlar (Wick) that is given a second chance in life after the end of World War II as a World War II SS soldier. Throughout the course of the film, we see johnwick goes from being an average man in an ordinary situation, to becoming a man with a mission and an intention to complete it.


If you have ever pondered on the mysterious tattoo meaning of johnwick, chances are you also have an interest in other tattoo drawings and art. Many people get tattoos to make a statement or express their personality, but some also get them just for the art and to look cool. The tattoo meaning of johnwick is the same. He is a famous assassin who has had a series of battles and struggles throughout the ages. Whether he is remembered as a successful killing machine or a crazy trickster is up to the discretion of each individual, one thing is certain, he was popular.


johnwick wanted a tattoo to remember his wife, Daisy. He wanted something that would remind her of the love that he had for her and that she had given him throughout his life. A perfect idea for a gift would be a beautiful dog tattoo design. After all, John was an ex-convict now living on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand.

Top 3 Modern Tattoo Ideas For Guys

He is a master swordsman with many years of experience in the field of battle. He knows that every sword fights in a different way, and he has put this knowledge to work by designing a new fighting method for himself. He left a final message for his friend, Luke Skywalker, before leaving his own life: “My message to you, Luke, is that the battle is not yet over. But I have an offer for you.”

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3d tattoos

HE is well known character in the world of tattoo design ideas. He is, after all, one of the most prolific tattoo artists of our time and many of his designs are considered classics that can be seen by those who appreciate good art. He is often quoted as saying that the designs he creates are more like a work of art than a tattoo. It seems that he finds the best inspiration in nature and in the things that inspire people. Here are some tattoo design ideas you might like.

ankle tattoos

One of the most popular modern tattoo ideas is a johnwick tattoo design. There are many people who want to get a tattoo inked on their bodies, but have never heard of the man known as johnwick. Known throughout history as a man who served nobly and was a beloved character by many, there is a lot of mystery surrounding the life of johnwick. Where did he come from? Who is this man and what does he have to do with the story of tattoo inspiration?

arm sleeve tattoo

A good question to ask is why you would settle for the generic junk when there are countless tattoo designs out there? Before you decide to go with something generic, here are three great reasons to pick a cool tattoo. The Tattoo History. The origin of the popular johnwick Tattoo design can be traced back to 17th century England. There was a gentleman by the name of John who is said to have created the design, and it featured an image of a skull, complete with the words, “John wills! “.

John Wick Tattoo Design Ideas – How to Stand Out From the Rest

johnwick had just recently lost his wife to an early, terminal cancer and was still reeling from the loss. The final touch, she left him was a tiny beagle dog which was christened Daisy. This gift was intended to help the former thief to move on with his life, possibly find new purpose and help him get on with his job. However, after losing everything, John was not sure where to go or what to do with his new dog. Entering Into the search for a new, unique and inspirational tattoo design idea, the man who had once been chained to the floor in the dark by his wife found his way to an online tattoo gallery that gave him access to some of the most amazing designs the world has to offer.

Best Tattoo Design Ideas – John Wick Tattoo Designs

johnwick had just recently lost his only wife to an early terminal illness and now was reeling from his loss. The last good thing that he left her was a beautiful beagle dog which was named Daisy. This gift would help the ex-convict move forward with his new life and possibly find new meaning in his existence. Now that he has finally regained his strength, he now realizes the importance of finding a way to honor the woman that he lost along the way. As a result, he set out to try and find the best tattoo design ideas available to create this new beginning for himself.

3 Best Tattoo Design Ideas – John Wick and Mark Shakler

johnwick has just recently lost his eyesight and is in a turmoil as he struggles to deal with his grief. He wants to forget everything that happened between him and the beautiful blonde love interest, Rachel Dawes.

arm tattoos

However, when he stumbles upon a suspicious newspaper in his hometown called The Morning News, the two of them are pulled into the center of a manhunt. A freelance reporter named Mark Shakler attempts to expose the identity of the missing man, but ends up getting more than he bargained for. With the volatile state of the world in turmoil, the only person who stands between the two men and Rachel is… you!

John Wicks Tattoo – Best Tattoo Drawing!

In the Keanu Reeves latest action-packed movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” the leading man was seen sporting a new tattoo! The tattoo is of johnwick, a character from the action-thriller/comedy movie, “The Ring.”

armband tattoo

Although we won’t find out exactly how John got that great looking tattoo, we will find out exactly what the johnwick tattoo is all about. John’s tattoo means “in the service of God” or “on behalf of God.” John is of the belief that those who serve God will ultimately be rewarded with supernatural powers beyond their earthly understanding.

John Wick Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

johnwick got some new tattoo ideas when he read an article in an internet article by one of the most talented people on earth, Steven Depolo. He has a gallery of tattoo designs that are original and inspiring. Many of them were like what johnwick did to himself, but he made them even better by adding a touch of art to them. You can check out other original designs by Mr. Depolo, if you have not yet. In this article, I will introduce you to some new tattoo design ideas for men, which is inspired by the work of Steven Depolo.

John Wick Tattoo Design – Great Small Tattoo Ideas

johnwick had just recently lost his dear wife to a dreadful terminal disease and was still reeling from his loss. The last thing he wanted to do was get a tattoo but fate had other plans. He needed a small tattoo design to help take his mind off of his recent loss and give him some hope. One such design was a large skull which he covered half of one of his arms with tattoos to remind himself that life is a struggle, and if he can survive, he can do great things.

Modern Tattoo Ideas – John Wicks

is one of many tattoo designers who have created characters that grace the bodies of many people today. The man has become known for creating animals such as the turkey and the flamingo among many others. had recently lost his only wife to a terminal cancer and was still reeling from her loss. The hope that he found in Daisy’s gift was supposed to help the former executioner move on from his painful past and possibly find new meaning in his daily life.

John Wick Tattoo Design Ideas – How to Find Sexy, Modern Tattoo Design Ideas

johnwick was recently broken up with by his girlfriend, and now he’s left to pick up the pieces of his relationship. He still has the need to know what’s out there in the world, so he turns to internet search engines to look for the perfect tattoo design ideas.

back tattoos

Although he has lots of great artwork to choose from, all the pictures he comes across are of the generic, cookie-cutter variety that most guys pick up and leave because they can’t find something they like. Here is how to get past the generic artwork on the internet and find the amazing designs that will make your tattoo design ideas pop.

John Wick Tattoo Ideas – 3 Great Ideas For John Wick Tattoo Art

johnwick was one of the most talked about films of the summer and you know why. Many individuals have seen the highly-anticipated movie johnwick that follows an ex-high-powered hitman on his quest to retribution on a corrupt Russian mob family who orphaned his stepson as a boy, setting johnwick (Reeves) free. One thing that many might notice when viewing this action-filled movie is johnwick’s tattoo located on his upper back.

Small Tattoo Ideas – How To Design A Small Tattoo That Gets You Noticed

johnwick wanted a new start in life, a new beginning. He knew he had to have some self confidence and design a new symbol to go with it, like a new lease on life, a new beginning. As many people say, the design process of a tattoo is what creates the lasting impression. johnwick decided that he needed to find some quality small tattoo ideas that would make him stand out from the crowd and get the attention.

John Wick Tattoo For All True Fans of Batman

johnwick is one of my favourite characters in all of the Batman comics. I first saw him as an abused escaped convict with a knack for guns and lethal thirst for revenge. Although in later appearances he has become more of a mentor to younger, budding Batman villains like Two-Face and The Phantom. It wasn’t until the last year or so that I came across his name for a tattoo design – and boy was I glad that I did! Here are some modern tattoo ideas for johnwick that I’ve got my fingers tat on:

John Wick Tattoo Meaning – Discover Insane Tattoo Designs!

johnwick is one of the hottest and most talked about films of the year. Many individuals have seen the current movie johnwick that follows an ex-hit man on his quest to exact retribution on an old Russian mafia family that threatens his life. One thing that many might notice when seeing this action-packed film is that johnwick’s tattoo located on his lower back is inked in a very unique and elaborate style. If you want to know some more about the tattoo and what it means in the movie, continue reading as we take a closer look below.

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