Inspire Yourself With These Great Indie Tattoo Ideas

If you love indie culture, there are many fantastic tattoo ideas for you! From music videos to games, these designs will surely inspire something beautiful to put on your body!

1. The Scientist by Coldplay

Coldplay’s The Scientist can mean something different to everyone who hears it; some find it incredibly fitting with their situation and emotions. The song tells the tale of a man revisiting painful memories from an unsuccessful relationship hoping there might be another chance at saving it.

2. We Can Be Heroes by David Bowie

We Can Be Heroes is the story of two lovers on either side of the Berlin Wall who vow to remain together despite any challenges in their journey together. Written during Bowie’s stay in Berlin with Roxy Music’s Brian Eno, Hansa Tonstudio, who overlooked the Wall, was chosen to record it. They found inspiration for its lyrics after witnessing a couple kissing outside before sitting on either side of them within Hansa Tonstudio – watching this couple gave rise to many songs in this track.

3. Shine by David Gray

Shine is an old-school rock ‘n roll dapper in the form of an impressively durable and functional gadget, boasting an affordable price point. Best of all? No armor is required to enjoy its show, hence making this one of our most popular indie tattoo ideas!

4. Good Riddance by Green Day

Good Riddance by Green Day is a passionate song with lyrics that touch upon many aspects of life, particularly relationships that end. These words speak about moving on after loss as an opportunity for growth and new beginnings. This song may differ slightly from their usual sound, yet it has become one of their most beloved hits since being released as the second single from Nimrod’s album in 1997.

5. I Want to Break Free by The Beatles

I Want to Break Free is one of The Beatles’ most enduringly iconic songs, popular throughout many countries as an anthem against oppression. Paul McCartney first wrote and recorded “Get Back” for The Beatles’ Get Back album in January 1969, then later by George Harrison with additional vocals and a piano edit.

6. Walkman by The Cure

The Walkman was the pioneering mobile audio player. Its primary feature was stereo playback, and its portability allowed for convenient transport in pockets, belts, or purses. The Walkman was an iconic product that significantly impacted the music industry and lovers. It created the mixtape genre and allowed listeners to customize their sounds through Walkman players’ personalization features.

7. Rock by Slash and Ozzy Osbourne

Rock is one of the most beloved musical genres, famous among acclaimed artists with songs featuring dark or unusual lyrics – an excellent inspiration for indie tattoo ideas. Slash and Ozzy Osbourne have long been recognized for their contributions to Rock music. Through their collaborative efforts, their collaborations have helped this genre expand significantly.

8. Watercolor Drum by Bink Tattoo Shop

Bink Tattoo Shop’s watercolor drum tattoo offers an innovative solution for independent tattoo ideas. It is an effective way to immortalize one of your favorite instruments on your body, and its whimsical nature works beautifully alongside watercolor art. Watercolor tattoos have become a rapidly popular trend. With vivid hues that fade into one another and techniques that replicate the effect of traditional watercolor painting, these vibrant markings offer something genuinely distinctive.

9. Guitar Backpiece by Bink Tattoo Shop

Guitars are potent instruments that bring life to any song. Tattooing the backpiece of one is an eye-catching design idea sure to stand out – this backpiece features multiple colors and watercolor-style splats that add color and spontaneity – this design also honors your favorite musical artists while showing your passion for music!