In Loving Memory, Tattoo Ideas to Keep Someone Close

After losing someone you love, getting an “in loving memory” tattoo can be a dynamic way of commemorating and connecting with them. Such tattoos may feature dates, quotes, and flowers.

One popular option for commemorating loved ones who have passed is getting a tree tattoo. You can personalize this piece to include their name and birth/death dates, plus add angel wings to ensure they always remain with us.


Tattoos are an enduring way to remember those you care for, and a heart tattoo is elegant. A heart can represent sadness or passion – or show that their presence remains within our hearts forever.

A chrysanthemum tattoo is an elegant option for a memorial tattoo design, perfect for remembering loved ones who have passed. Though discreet, its message will serve as a meaningful reminder.


Memorial tattoos with dates are an effective way to add a personalized touch. This design features wings and a halo with the date written underneath. This tattoo is simple yet beautiful – the perfect symbol to remind us that our loved ones are always near.

Tattoos are an ideal way to show you still think of and miss them daily, as this beautiful tribute reminds everyone how much their pet was loved and missed. Additionally, it includes the words ‘too beautiful for earth’ – an emotional reminder that their memory lives on in your hearts and minds.


Trees symbolize life and beauty, representing our connection to the past and future. Many people turn to trees when honoring a loved one with a memorial tree. Tree tattoos can be the ideal memorial to keep those you’ve lost, whether Northern California redwoods or an oak. A tree memorial tattoo may even serve to remember both parents.

Tattoos can also be an incredible way to demonstrate support for suicide prevention and healing processes, as a potent reminder that their light will never dim.


Hummingbirds are potent symbols of joy and life. Additionally, they represent dedication, perseverance, and strength and are often seen accompanied by flowers, such as the hibiscus, which symbolize passion and love. Sketch tattoos offer the ideal solution for people who want to capture the movement and beauty of these captivating creatures on their skin, appearing more real than graphic designs. Tattooing a hummingbird and poppy flower on your shoulder blade is an exquisite way to honor someone who brought love and happiness into your life. Additionally, this inking allows you to add other symbols or dates.


Angels have long been seen as symbols of love, hope, and guidance; however, they can also symbolize darker emotions, such as rebellion and fear. Angel-themed Tattoos are commonly used to honor deceased loved ones or memorialize someone special. An angel memorial tattoo adorned with your loved one’s name can be an incredible way to remember them and may look best on dusky or fair skin colors. However, more elaborate versions could feature additional symbols or stars for added detail.


Flowers can be an expressive and emotive way of honoring those we care for, such as this tattoo featuring an elegant flower and the word dad – symbolizing that your father will always be close by your side. If your loved one had a favorite flower, why not immortalize that choice as part of their memorial tattoo? A sunflower design would make an excellent tribute for anyone who shared their appreciation of these vibrant blossoms – its yellow and orange colors also represent joy!

Circle of Life

The circle of life is an iconic representation of life on Earth. A popular choice among nature lovers and people who value its importance, this tattoo design often includes trees or other objects to enhance its meaning and clarify its message. This memorial tattoo features the date and feather from your loved one and their favorite quote: “Too Beautiful for Earth.” It will provide a comforting reminder of their memory while helping to heal pain from loss. Love will remain eternal.


If someone special in your life has passed away, consider getting a tattoo as a permanent way to memorialize them. Be it a family member, friend, or animal – tattoos offer a permanent form of paying our respects and keeping our memories alive. Paw prints make an excellent memorial tattoo idea for dog lovers. Reminding them of the joyous times spent together will remain close to their hearts. An eagle is an iconic symbol in many cultures, representing trust, honor, strength, and wisdom – making it an ideal choice for commemorating loved ones with Tattoos on their arms. This design is sleek and beautiful on their arm.