163 Wonderful Hip Tattoo Ideas for Women and Men

Whether you’re looking for a unique tattoo for your hips or are looking for a fun design, hip tattoos come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. If you want a bright and colorful tattoo, you may want to consider a watercolor design. The goal of these designs is to mimic the look of a free-form watercolor painting. The design can be inked completely or in black with a bright colored foreground.

Flower tattoos

Flower tattoos on hips are a beautiful way to show off your feminine side. These tattoos are often low-key, but they’re definitely not too plain. They can be extended to cover the side of the body, and you can even incorporate writings or birds into the design! When choosing a hip tattoo design, make sure you find one that fits your style, and one that’s comfortable to wear.

If you’re looking for something simple, you can go for a linework flower tattoo. This tattoo is made with thin lines and minimal shading. It can be done in small or medium sizes and is a favorite among women. Linework flower Tattoos have a beautiful elegance, and they don’t have to be dark to make a statement. They’re a great choice for a casual or evening outfit.

If you’d like a bigger flower tattoo, go for the thighs and hips. This area is naturally curvaceous, so a large flower tattoo will flow from hip to upper thigh without looking overcrowded. This will give your tattoo a more organic look and make it appear as if it’s growing over your body.

Roman numerals

The placement of Roman numerals hip tattoos can be anything from small to large and in any font you want. Some people choose to display the birth date of a significant person on their hips. Roman numerals look stunning on the hip and leg and are a perfect tattoo choice for someone who loves their significant other.

Roman numeral Tattoos are a great way to remember special dates in your life. You can use them to remember when you met, when you got married, or when your children were born. It’s common for a new couple to get a matching tattoo with their wedding date to symbolize the love between them.

One of the most popular designs of Roman numerals hip tattoos is that of a rose. Its font is perfect, and the rose symbol is beautiful and symbolizes love. You can choose a stenciled font for your tattoos to give them a vibrant, artistic look.


Mandala tattoo designs are an excellent choice for those looking for a meaningful tattoo. Mandalas are patterns made up of overlapping circles and shapes. These designs are often interpreted to reflect individual meanings, but they can also be used as decorative patterns. They can be large or small, inked in black or colored, and can have various levels of detail.

Mandalas are a great choice for a small tattoo because they can fit into any location and are often more affordable to get. Also, smaller tattoos are easier to cover up. Tattoo artists will work with you to decide on the best location for your tattoo. They will take into consideration what part of your body you’d like the design to cover, and the amount of detail you’d like to have.

Mandala Tattoos look stunning over the hip. Their intricate shading and color selection make them an ideal choice for a man’s tattoo. They can be shaded in either the Dotwork or Whip-Shading style.

Mythical creatures

A tattoo of a mythical creature can be a great choice for someone who loves fantasy. Dragons, snakes, and other mythical creatures can make a great choice for a unique tattoo. These creatures can be found in many different cultures and can be an excellent choice for tattoos on your hip.


One of the best ways to make a statement with a tattoo is with words. Word tattoos on the hip can be incredibly personal and meaningful, and can be anything from a favorite movie quote to a song lyrics. They can also be inked with a loved one’s handwriting, adding a personal touch to your body art. The perfect place for a word tattoo is on the hip, and you can even get one that runs along the side of your hip.

Words on the hip are the perfect location for inspirational quotes or reminders of life. A simple word or quote on the hip can be an expression of your personality and attitude toward tattooing. For example, a tattoo with “I am an avocado” in script can be a fun and cheeky reminder of where you found happiness.


Flower hip tattoos are a great way to add a unique style to your fashion statement. Whether you are looking to express your personality or your romantic side, flowers make a great choice. The beauty of flowers is unmatched. Since time immemorial, they have been used to beautify places and people. However, real flowers are not always practical to wear or carry around, so why not use a tattoo as an alternative?

A flower hip tattoo is perfect for those who love nature and are laid-back. They can help remind you to unwind and enjoy your life. Besides, flowers represent a timeless, dainty beauty that can look good even in small sizes. Having a floral hip tattoo on your hip is a great way to send a message that you are a true beauty.


If you’re looking for an artistic tattoo, you can choose from a variety of moon hip tattoos. A tattoo that features the crescent moon is an especially intricate design. It represents how the sun and moon change and interact, creating gentle imagery. A tattoo that features the moon and sun together also shows that there’s an incredibly strong connection between the two elements.

Most young adults and teenagers prefer Tattoo designs that incorporate watercolors. You can also use abstract shapes to jazz up your moon tattoo design. These designs can show your creative side as well as your spirituality. Some people associate the moon with the birth of babies. Those with fair skin can choose to get this tattoo design.

A tattoo featuring the moon is an incredibly unique design, and is an ideal choice for women with light skin. This tattoo features a rounded crescent moon with a golden glow. A butterfly or rose may be inserted on the crescent side. It looks best on women and flatters all skin tones.


If you’re a cat lover, you might consider getting a hip tattoo of a cat. Generally, this style is simple, but you can branch out and get a more intricate design if you’re feeling adventurous. Cat hip tattoos are great for women who love their bodies and want to express themselves through body art.

If you want a minimalist style, you could choose a black and gray cat tattoo. These designs combine new school and classic design elements. A common new school design feature is an exaggerated cat head, but the black and gray shading makes the face look real. The artist can also use white fine line work to add details and improve the composition.

The traditional American cat tattoo is full-color, but you can add a little text if you prefer. It pays homage to a cat’s resilience. Cats are reputed to have nine lives, and this design celebrates this fact. It includes clean script work under the cat’s face, crisp line work to depict the fur and texture, and green eyes to add a pop of color. In addition, it uses white for highlights, which helps it stand out from the rest of the body.

Moon in a dandelion

This tattoo is a beautiful black and gray flower tattoo with a moon inside. It combines the traditional flower and moon tattoo with a wistful Dandelion flower. The placement on the upper shoulder blade makes this tattoo a beautiful choice. The shading on the outer petals of the flowers makes this design stand out against a pale skin tone.

The dandelion is considered a symbol for the abundance of life. It is beautiful and powerful and towers over grass when in bloom. The flower is often removed by strong wind. It symbolizes the cycle of life and the promise of new beginnings. A dandelions tattoo will help you appreciate life and the opportunity it presents you.

The Dandelion flower is considered a sacred symbol by medieval spiritualists and peasants. It is also seen as a symbol of perseverance. Some people believe that when a Dandelion blooms, a puff-ball of seeds will be released, and when this happens, a wish will be granted.

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