5 Great Tattoo Artists

Tattoo artists are skilled individuals who express their creativity through body art. Their work becomes an indelible part of their clients’ lives. Here are five great tattoo artists you should know about.

Stephanie Hewitt: Inking Celebrities with Micro-Style Works

New York-based artist Stephanie Hewitt has gained fame for her intricate micro-style and single-needle tattoos. Her clients include celebrities like Liam Hemsworth, Rita Ora, and David Beckham.

Michela Bottin: Cartoon and Anime-Style Tattoos

Michela Bottin, also based in New York, specializes in cartoon and anime-style tattoos. As a passionate Disney fan, she has created numerous tattoos featuring beloved Disney characters.

Frankie Sexton: Influenced by Junji Ito

Junji Ito heavily influences Frankie Sexton’s tattoo style. He is known for his intricate linework and incorporation of gore into his tattoos.

Nico Negron: Black and Grey Poetic Realism

Nico Negron is a black and grey tattoo master based in NYC. His Tattoos combine horror and dark beauty, creating a unique and captivating tattoo experience.

Jon Boy: Diverse Style, Celebrity Clients

Jon Boy gained attention for tattooing Hailey Baldwin-Bieber, and his style ranges from neontrad to black and grey designs. He has worked with celebrities and showcases diverse tattooing styles.

Katerina Ghinkos: Young Talent with Exquisite Detail

Katerina Ghinkos, one of the youngest tattooers on our list, creates intricate and eye-catching masterpieces. Her designs showcase exquisite detail and intimacy.

Dr. Woo: Fine Line Realistic Tattoos

Based in LA, Dr. Woo specializes in realistic Tattoos and has tattooed celebrities like Drake, Miley Cyrus, and Cara Delevingne.

Joanna Barton: Versatile and Skilled Tattoo Artist

Joanna Barton excels in various tattoo styles, from intricate script and portrait drawings to geometric designs like mandalas.

Virginia Elwood: Blending Old School and Neo-Traditional

Virginia Elwood skillfully blends old-school and neo-traditional tattooing styles. She has been featured on shows like Ink Master and has celebrity clients like Zoe Kravitz.

Mira: Botanical Tattoo Artist

Jazmine Martin, also known as Mira, has gained a large following on Instagram for her intricate botanical tattoo designs. She has a website showcasing her impressive work.

Lara Wachob: Pushing the Boundaries of Tattooing

Lara Wachob is an avant-garde tattoo artist who incorporates brushstrokes, washes, and paint splatters into her works. Her approach blurs the line between tattooing and modern painting.

Dillon Forte: Chic Style Tattoos

Dillon Forte’s Tattoos exude a chic style favored by clients like Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, and Drake. He has a substantial following on Instagram.

Chaim Machlev: Black Line Artistry

Chaim Machlev of Berlin creates Tattoos that resemble works of art using black lines and thin strokes. His popularity has attracted rock stars seeking his tattoo sessions.

Gavan Daly: Gangster Traditional Style

Gavan Daly is an internationally acclaimed tattoo artist known for his Gangster Traditional style, featuring intricate schematics and dark concealment techniques. His designs have become popular among Instagram influencers and celebrities.

Daly’s dedication to his craft is evident in his daily routine, where he only Tattoos one individual per day and does not accept walk-in clients.