forearm skeleton tattoo

For those who want a traditional, large skeleton tattoo on their forearm, consider a small skull design. These are great for beginners as they are usually very low-intensity pictures that can be done in just one session. If you decide to get a larger skeletal design, you can have it extended across your forearm. Then you can pick colors for your skull that match your skin tone and preferences.

A forearm skeleton tattoo is a great choice for a person with a wacky personality. A skeletal design can be eye-catching and anatomically correct, but it can also be ugly if you use a contrasting color or add intricate shading. A rose is one of the most popular additions to a tat, and it helps to offset its deathly nature. A card is another popular choice, as it alludes to destiny and chance. A snake is a more realistic addition, and can add a sense of danger. Whatever your picture style, you can be sure to find a suitable place to get a piece.


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