Modern Image ideas – Flower and Leaves tattoo


A flower and leaves tattoo can be very meaningful, as it can symbolize wild and sporadic love. The design is incredibly flexible, and can feature several different types of flowers. Depending on the complexity of the flower, you can have one type of flower, or many different kinds. The leaves and flowers are often intertwined, forming a stunning bouquet. This type of design can also represent royalty or wealth.

Small Image meaning Ideas – A Butterfly Sitting on a Flower and Leaves


A butterfly sitting on a flower is a mesmerizing and beautiful picture design. The two-dimensional arrangement of the leaves and flowers is reminiscent of an outstretched Kangaroo paw. This image is suitable for all skin tones and is especially suited for women. It can be placed on the shoulder, arm, or nape of the neck. Unlike many other designs, a butterfly tattoo will look great on both sexes.

Flower and Leaves tattoo – Fancy Picture design Ideas


When choosing a flower and leaf tattoo, you have several options. There are numerous types of flowers and leaves to choose from. Red roses are a classic choice, and they have been associated with love and romance for decades. However, other colors can have their own symbolic meanings. Yellow is a symbol of joy, while pink is a sign of grace and gratitude. Black represents death. White roses are an expression of innocence, while snapdragons and gladiolus are symbols of strength.


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