Teardrop Tattoo Meaning

A teardrop tattoo represents grief and sorrow. Initials or other small tattoos often accompany it as a symbol of mourning. In recent years, Tattoos have become a way for people to defy traditional society and draw attention to social issues that need addressing. They aim to bring awareness to these problems through art as a protest without seeking personal recognition.

Upside-Down Teardrop Tattoos

An upside-down teardrop tattoo is believed to indicate that someone has committed murder. This belief stems from prison facilities where tears on inmates’ faces are associated with the number of murders they have committed. Gang members also use tattoos, including upside-down teardrops, to express mourning for fellow gang members or family members who have passed away. Celebrities like Johnny Depp, Lil Wayne, Amy Winehouse, and Portugal’s Ricardo Quaresma have upside-down teardrop tattoos on their bodies. However, it’s important to note that the meaning of these Tattoos can vary based on culture and context and should not be taken literally.

Filling in a Teardrop Tattoo

Getting a teardrop tattoo on the face is a decision that requires careful thought. While some people call these tattoos for display purposes, it is essential to consider their deeper meaning. A filled-in teardrop tattoo often symbolizes the death of a friend or family member, especially if they died while imprisoned or in jail. It could also indicate gang affiliation, with a filled-in teardrop on the left side suggesting belonging to Blood Nation or People’s Nation gangs. Prisoners initially used teardrop Tattoos to symbolize pain, but they have become fashionable among celebrities and rappers. They are now popular among both genders.

Symbolism of a Teardrop Tattoo

The meaning of teardrop tattoos can vary based on design and color. They can represent crime victims, individuals grieving the death of loved ones or murder victims. Teardrop Tattoos are commonly seen on prison inmates, with filled-in teardrops often signifying committed murders and unfilled teardrops representing victims killed by rival gang members or friends of the inmate. Some inmates may get tattoos to show regret for their past actions and commitment to making amends. Tattoos can also symbolize a determination to stay out of prison. People outside of prison may choose to get teardrop tattoos as a form of rebellion or to distance themselves from criminality and gang affiliation. It is essential for those wearing these tattoos for non-criminal reasons to explain their true intentions.

The symbolism of an Upside-Down Teardrop Tattoo

Upside-down teardrop tattoos are commonly used to express sorrow, loss, and regret. They can also symbolize resilience during tough times and situations. Gang members often tattoo this symbol to mourn the deaths of their comrades. Rapper Lil Wayne, for example, has spoken publicly about how his upside-down teardrop tattoo represents friends who died due to gang violence. In recent years, however, the meaning of these tattoos has shifted to represent counterculture and defiance of conventional thinking. People want their tattoos to stand out and draw attention, sparking thoughts about their identity and raising awareness about overlooked societal issues.