Eye Ball Tattoos


Doctors warn that these tattoos can be extremely hazardous and lead to various complications. In fact, they may even cause blindness due to the thin area where ink is injected.

It’s all about conquering fear.

Eyeball tattoos have become the newest craze in body modification. Tattoo parlors across America are eager to cash in on this lucrative trend. While getting a sclera tattoo may not be for everyone, those willing to pay the price and take risks can score some impressive artwork. A recent study published in the Journal of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery revealed that one session can produce up to 10 tattoos! Popular colors include black, blue, and green – with minimal pain in most sessions lasting around two hours. Plus, the results should last you a lifetime! However, success requires both luck and skill.

It’s a fad.

Eyeball tattoos, also known as scleral tattoos, have become a growing trend in body modification. This involves injecting needles filled with dye into the white portion of the eye, known as the sclera. While it may seem like an artistic way to express yourself, these procedures can be hazardous and cause severe damage to your vision. Scleral tattoos are a relatively recent development in the body modification scene and carry several risks. According to an article posted on the Body Mods website in 2012, they should only be performed by experienced professionals due to their potential hazards.

Another potential danger of scleral tattoos is they could lead to permanent vision loss or even blindness in the future due to their fragility and susceptibility to damage. Anaya was left partially blind after getting an eyeball tattoo last year. This is because ink adheres to the sclera, or protective layer covering the white portion of your eye. If the ink is too large or thin, it could spread and cause damage. These severe conditions should be addressed promptly to avoid long-term eye damage. Eyeball tattoos are an increasingly trendy trend that should be avoided.

It’s dangerous

Eyeball tattoos are a growing trend, often done to attract attention or simply for fun. Unfortunately, some severe risks may accompany these body modifications. One of the most significant risks with eyeball tattoos is infection. An incorrectly done tattoo could cause permanent vision damage or even total blindness if left untreated. Another potential risk associated with eyeball tattoos is that needles used to insert ink can pierce through your sclera (the white part of your eye) and penetrate more profoundly than expected. This is because the sclera connects other components, such as the cornea, iris, lens, and nerves/blood vessels within your eye. Eyeball damage or rupture are potential outcomes of not having your vision examined by a qualified medical professional. Therefore, having these procedures done by an experienced and trusted physician is imperative. Eyeball tattoos have had some unfortunate outcomes. One particularly tragic case involved a woman from Canada who got a purple design and nearly went blind; she later posted on social media to warn others against it. In another instance, a 17-year-old Mexican man developed two orange bumps on the white of his eye after attempting to get an eyeball tattoo. This was caused by ink leaking beneath his conjunctiva and not spreading out at the injection site. In this instance, the doctor also cautioned that ink could contaminate other patients’ eyes who come in contact with this patient. Thus, you must know potential hazards and consult your eye doctor before any body modification procedure. Though this trend has grown increasingly popular, it should still be avoided.

It’s a waste of money.

Eyeball tattoos may look cool, but the procedure is far from safe. Studies suggest it has more of a chance of causing permanent vision damage than improvement. Beyond common symptoms like squints and dry eyes, there’s also an elevated risk of blindness due to blood vessel growth within your eye, which could clog with painful and potentially life-threatening complications. The best approach is to skip the procedure altogether to avoid ending up in a coma. Of course, even if you go ahead with it, ensure it’s quality work since some tattoo shops charge premium prices for their services. Therefore, saving some money and finding an appropriate place to get top-notch work could make more sense than taking chances with tattooing yourself; or finding someone with an artist license who could do it for you at no extra cost! It’s always nice having someone else do it, too, if one wishes; every little helps!