Amazing and cool elephant tattoo designs with their meanings

Animal tattoos have gotten famous in the ongoing past as they portray qualities and meanings that a great many people relate to. Albeit most animal tattoos are those of pets and wilderness felines like the lion and cheetah, elephant tattoos are increasingly getting well known. Elephants are the absolute most loved animals, particularly in African and Indian societies. Their huge sizes joined with high quality are legendary and settle on them a most loved decision for admirers of animal tattoo. Elephants simply like different animals speak to exceptional character traits, for example, kindness and godlikeness.

An elephant tattoo is one of the most widely recognized animal body markings particularly in Asian and African countries where this excellent animal meanders unreservedly. The elephant is the greatest land animal, yet this isn’t the main thing that puts it on the map.

This superb creature holds a significant part throughout the entire existence of humanity and for certain social orders, for example, the Hindu it is a representation of one of their divine beings (Lord Ganesh), thus it gets more regard than most different animals.


Back elephant tattoo

Since elephants are related with quality, having an elephant tattoo on your back – where you worry about your heaviest concerns – has gotten a well known tattoo decision with many men. What’s more, with regards to bigger elephant tattoo, your back is a perfect placement. That is on the grounds that it furnishes the craftsman with a wide and smooth canvas to create a stand-apart piece with a lot of subtleties. In any case, remember that you won’t have the option to see your tattoo without the guide of mirrors.

Foot elephant tattoo

Elephants are related with progress and evacuating obstructions, so your feet are the perfect placement for an elephant tattoo. This inking reminds you to continue placing one foot before the different as you stroll toward your objectives and furnishes you with a make way forward. You could likewise put an elephant family tattoo on your feet, as this represents family being a mind-blowing establishment

Other tattoo placement

Thigh tattoo

An elephant thigh tattoo is an excellent elephant tattoo decision for folks who need a bigger, more point by point piece that they can without much of a stretch spread with clothes. The state of your thigh makes it perfect for both a forward looking elephant head or side profile structure. In addition, your thigh is one of the least excruciating places on your body to be tattooed.

Hand tattoo

Elephants are a famous tattoo decision for hand tattoo on the grounds that the storage compartment can without much of a stretch be reached out down a finger. This trunk of the element gives the tattoo a great life-like impact – and a bit of demeanor, on the off chance that it stretches out down the center finger. Hand elephant tattoo look boss and are a great elephant tattoo decision for folks who love ink, as they are probably the most agonizing ones to get.

Arm tattoo

Your arm is an incredible placement for an elephant tattoo – particularly a bigger inking that you need to flaunt. Request that your craftsman tailor the plan with the goal that it suits the vertical, bended state of your forearm and won’t look stretched around your muscles. One choice is a half-head elephant tattoo. Special and intriguing, this elephant tattoo has an imaginative look.

Elephant tattoo Meaning

The elephant tattoo configuration could represent many things. When all is said in done, the elephant tattoo means good karma, however thriving also.

Elephant tattoo Symbolism

In any case, on account of its noteworthy job in the animal realm, it additionally conveys quality, force, life span, and pride. Aside from those previously mentioned traits, elephants likewise connote respect, insight, tolerance, and otherworldliness. On account of this imagery, the unassuming elephant tattoo has picked up fame, since elephants themselves place significance on family ties and ancestral customs.

Elephant tattoo Ideas

Geometric elephant tattoo meaning

Adding geometric elements to tattoos has been a pattern for quite a long while, and its notoriety isn’t easing back down. The precise shapes, lines, and images include a modern and cutting edge contact to any elephant tattoo and look particularly striking when matched with animals. There are a few distinct kinds of geometric elephant tattoos, however all give your inking and new and one of a kind curve.

Realistic elephant design meaning

Photorealistic tattoos have been developing in prominence as of late. For the individuals who need an elephant tattoo that is as near real-life as could reasonably be expected, it’s the most ideal choice. Be that as it may, realistic elephant tattoos are more troublesome and specialized to create than different kinds of elephant tattoos, so guarantee you pick an accomplished craftsman – particularly on the off chance that you need a bigger part. It is additionally critical to have a reasonable reference photo.


Watercolor elephant tattoos consistently attract consideration for their dynamic quality and eye-getting elephant tattoo style. For folks who need everyone’s eyes on their elephant inking, a watercolor elephant tattoo is an unquestionable requirement.


With Africa home to most of the world’s elephant, an incredible elephant tattoo alternative is to consolidate African elements with your elephant tattoo. A well known elephant tattoo decision is an elephant profile following the state of the African landmass. Alternatively, you could include a savannah background total with trees, grass, and a dawn.

Indian elephant tattoo meaning

Elephants are greatly regarded in Indian culture, and the nation is home to a huge number of native Asian elephant. Traditionally, rulers rode elephant that were brilliantly embellished with paint, gems, and texture. To give your elephant tattoo a one of a kind look, submit general direction to Indian workmanship by consolidating its enhancing examples and images.

Elephant With flowers tattoo meaning

A long way from being excessively female, meaningful floral elephant tattoos, for example, the rose and cherry bloom have been well known with men for quite a long time. That is on the grounds that these flowers not just look awesome in tattoo structure – and are similarly striking in dark or color ink – yet in addition speak to ideas like life, passing, and love. To give your elephant tattoo a much more profound meaning, pair it with a sprout like a lotus – which speaks to otherworldliness – or almond-flower, which represents fresh starts.

Outline Elephant tattoo meaning

One of the most mainstream types of elephant tattoos is an outline structure. Moderate and modern, these elephant tattoos are additionally extremely quick to apply as they don’t require concealing. Elephant outline tattoo look fabulous, regardless of whether enormous or small, so they suit an assortment of placements. You could have the elephant tattoo structure inked on your back, forearm, or even lower leg.

Tribal elephant tattoo meaning

In tattoo terms, the tribal workmanship style utilizes clear ink, bended lines, and examples to create striking and ground-breaking plans. These plans can be abstract however are regularly enlivened by the natural world. Animals – including elephant – are the ideal elephant tattoo structure to combine with a tribal-style elephant tattoo on the grounds that both mirror the human association with nature.


This  is one of the most well known adaptations of an elephant tattoo. The distinctive ears and trunk of an elephant make it immediately unmistakable and help your tattoo stick out. Since your craftsman just needs to focus on one element – the head – you can decide on a more point by point plan. Sketch-style elephant tattoo, watercolor elephant tattoo, or old school elephant tattoo all make for one of a kind elephant head tattoos

Mother and baby

Mother and-baby elephant tattoos are charming, yet they are likewise meaningful. Each elephant crowd is comprised of mothers and their babies, so a mother and-baby elephant tattoo bodes well. It’s an excellent tattoo decision for new dads who need to pay tribute to their accomplice and kid.

Elephant Family tattoo

Elephants are family-situated animals, much the same as humans. They live respectively with their babies for a considerable length of time, have unbreakable bonds, and even visit the ‘graves’ of family individuals who have died. As a result of these characteristics, an elephant family tattoo is especially meaningful. Folks who are devoted to their family ought to consider this kind of elephant inking.

Mandala elephant tattoo

The two elephants and mandalas have solid otherworldly centrality in Eastern societies. In the Hindu religion, the god Ganesha is delineated with the head of an elephant and is related with fresh starts, achievement, intelligence, and expelling deterrents. Meanwhile, mandalas speak to the universe and are utilized to focus the mind. Therefore, a mandala elephant tattoo is a perfect elephant tattoo decision for a profound individual with an affection for learning.

Simple elephant tattoo meaning

Elephant tattoos are adaptable – they can be as detailed or as simple as you can imagine. In the event that your style is more negligible, or you lean toward dark ink tattoos, an elephant configuration is a great choice. Attempt a line drawing, outline, or animation elephant for a simplified interpretation of an elephant inking.

Small elephant tattoo meaning

While elephants are the absolute biggest animals on the planet, they look great in a small elephant tattoo. That is on the grounds that their appearance is so unmistakable. A small elephant tattoo can be placed anyplace on your body – from your wrist to your shoulder, back, or ribs – settling on it an adaptable tattoo decision.


This is a real like concealed full arms tribal elephant tattoo plan of an elephant. This elephant tattoo holds the great meaning to the individual who wears this and first of all, it takes after as an image of God as the elephants are viewed as extremely holy everything being equal. This is masterful to the game. Here the example of the elephant is intricate and background is lotus flower is the thing that an ideal thought. This is one of the most mainstream elephant tattoo structures for men.


This is a small drawing sort of an elephant tattoo. This is small and extremely colorful like finished with pastels. You can request that your craftsman control you as needs be with respect to the colors and furthermore the customized tattoo structure. You can likewise do different examples with this. You can do this for a smaller scope and you can likewise do this for a bigger scope.

Lotus and elephant tattoo meaning

This is a huge scope elephant tattoo with a lotus flower. This is a structure example and you can get customized similar works of art. It is perfectly done on the hand with an outstanding look. The colors utilized for this elephant tattoo configuration is the ideal combination.

Modern elephant tattoo meaning

Elephant tattoo structures have an assortment of tattoo plans on the web and most mind boggling elephant tattoo fine art is the one appeared above which you can consider all to be year as this gives a certifiable and delightful look. Elephants are the biggest warm blooded animals to walk the planet. It has a load of pounds. This elephant tattoo has an assortment of styles relies upon their postures and sizes.

Traditional elephant

This is an extremely huge scope traditional type of an elephant tattoo that has been finished with colors that are anything but difficult to wear. On the off chance that you need something that is enormous scope, at that point you ought to do it in this beautiful configuration. At the point when you attempt to go with the small scope tattoos, recall you should select the tattoo that is having the simple tattoo structures without any multifaceted nature. This is one of the most demanded elephant tattoo structures for ladies with embellishment.

Devotional Elephant meaning

The “Ganesh” devotional and traditional tattoo plans have the ubiquity as it demands the image of a God. In antiquated culture, the majority of the people groups have the expectation that on the off chance that they share their desires and needs with elephant, it will legitimately reach the god by means of the elephant. So they had worn these kinds of elephant tattoos on their body. It gives harmony and devotional search for the people groups. In this elephant tattoo plan, elephant face has been structured with a divine being’s face and enhanced with the adornments which give a snappy and engaging look.

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Other Ideas

Baby elephant tattoo meaning

In this tattoo, two elephants with their trunks in the heart shape are the unique one as this can be a friend or family member looking like the vibe of adoration and warmth. These two elephants pointing having their tusks above give a meaning of good karma for the people groups. It gives a mind-blowing and one of a kind look when contrasted and different tattoo plan. It’s completely planned with dark color inks. It’s a unique tattoo structure for sweethearts and couples to worn this elephant tattoo plan. Elephant tattoos are particularly favored by young ladies and youngsters as it has a blend of snappy plans. It is a charming elephant tattoo structure.

Abstract geometric tattoo meaning

Abstract elephant tattoo configuration has the subject colored with dark and energetic orange color ink. It has been structured like rangoli plans. In the event that this elephant tattoo gets inked on your body it gives a novel look and chic one. The elephant tattoo structures are quickly picking up notoriety among guys and it investigates young ladies indicating the force and quality of a man. The vast majority of the men like to get the elephant tattoos that suit their preferences and inclinations. These tattoo plans are accessible in an assortment of structures relying all over and look. Aside from the quality, the vibe of the elephant is considered as an image of shrewdness.

Charming finger tattoo

A famous tattoo these days is the finger tattoo. What was once viewed as a ‘tactless act’s as you would far-fetched not find a new line of work with a finger tattoo, is presently normal place among both youthful guys and females a like. I surmise you could state its a shot at the guidelines and adjusting to antiquated standards. Whichever way this is a great elephant plan on the finger which you could without much of a stretch stow away with a ring if need be.

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