elegant hand tattoos

An elegant hand tattoo can completely change the way you look. A flower hand tattoo or a dotted bow on a hand looks tasteful and delicate. A hand tattoo in a classy design can make a powerful statement. If you are looking for a classy design that is easy to keep clean and maintain, an elegant hand tattoo is a great choice. This style of arm or leg art is great for people who are a bit more modest.

For women who like picture designs that are simple yet elegant, a hand design featuring a flock of birds is a good choice. This design incorporates bold colors and clean lines, and is perfect for all skin tones. If you want something more dramatic, try a tribal-styled design. ‘R’ is the easiest letter to tattoo, and its royal connotations make it a great choice for the hands.

For women, elegant hand pictures can be anything from a single rose to a complex native tribal pattern. The ‘R’ looks very royal and adds a touch of class to your picture. A flock of birds is an especially lovely design for a woman’s hand as it symbolizes loyalty and family. This simple design can be placed in an upside-down position or the other way around. If you’d prefer a larger style, you can choose a simple ‘A’ or ‘Q’, or even something else.


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