Egyptian Woman Tattoo – The Mysterious Goddesses and Gods of Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt has always fascinated people with its mysterious allure. While the hieroglyphic characters have been deciphered, the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt still hold deep symbolic meaning.


– Bastet is an Egyptian deity associated with protection, cats, and fertility.

– She was revered throughout Egyptian history and known for her love, passion, and desire.

– Bastet was invoked as the protector of mothers during childbirth and their babies after death.

– Egyptians sought her blessings for safe and successful labor.

– She is most famously associated with the sistrum musical instrument.

– Bastet is a beloved character in books, TV shows, and video games.


– Isis was revered as the goddess of fertility, motherhood, and magic in ancient Egypt.

– Wearing her image symbolized protection, good luck, strength, and power.

– Ancient Egyptian entertainers and prostitutes had tattoos, but not all tattooed women were involved in prostitution.


– Nefertiti, the iconic Egyptian queen, symbolizes beauty and femininity.

– A tattoo of Nefertiti can honor her memory or someone special in your life.

– Queen Nefertiti’s Tattoos also express affinity with ancient Egypt and pride in its heritage.

– Incorporating hieroglyphics or fertility symbols can add more meaning to the tattoo.


– Tutankhamun, also known as King Tut, is a popular figure from Egyptian history for tattoos.

– His persona symbolizes power, hedonism, and royalty, making him an empowering tattoo choice.

– Queen Nefertiti is another famous Egyptian symbol for tattoo designs, known for her beauty and sensuality.

Tattooed Mummies

– Tattooed mummies in ancient Egypt provide valuable insights into the culture.

Tattoos were not exclusive to dancers, prostitutes, or concubines.

– Recent discoveries revealed scarab beetle Tattoos associated with Khepri, symbolizing solar energy and rebirth.