Egyptian Tattoo Ideas



Egyptians believed it had magical healing properties and could ward off harmful spirits. Tattooing an Eye of Horus tattoo is a way to show admiration for Egyptian gods and ancient mythology. Various designs suit different preferences,, and an artist can help create the perfect piece.

The Scarab Beetle

The Scarab Beetle, also known as a dung beetle, is a famous Egyptian tattoo idea for both men and women. Ancient Egyptians viewed the scarab beetle as a holy insect that carried the sun on its back. It symbolizes courage, sacrifice, love, and healing power.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx is an iconic Egyptian tattoo idea that suits both men and women. It represents strength and elegance. The Sphinx is an ancient creature with features of both humans and lions. It guarded ancient sites with riddles to determine if visitors were worthy. The Sphinx remains an icon of European decorative art and represents royal power.


Maat is the Egyptian goddess symbolizing truth, harmony, and equilibrium. She maintains order in Egypt and fights against evil. Maat is often depicted wearing an ostrich feather, representing purity and truth. Maat tattoos are a way to show commitment to these values, particularly for women expressing femininity through body art.

The Shen

The Shen is a unique Egyptian tattoo with a passion for Egyptian culture. It is an uninhibited loop that pairs well with other designs. Tattooing the Shen symbol is relatively easy and adds beauty to the overall look. Another famous symbol is the Ankh, representing life itself and can be inked in black or with splashes of color for visual impact.