Dragon Ball Tattoos

These anime shows send messages about courage and friendship that resonate with people around the world.

Goku, Bulma, and Shenron are some of the most beloved characters from the Dragon Ball series – making them fun to draw!

Goku with a small Shenron

Dragon Ball has become such a beloved anime series due to its messages about friendship, courage, and hard work. With intense fight scenes and captivating character development, this beloved show has had such an immense effect that it has changed how many people think and act.

Goku, the main character of the series, began as a weak and scared boy but soon blossomed into an impressive tournament fighter and father figure. A tattoo featuring young Goku is perfect for fans who appreciate this beloved character and want something that they can relate to.

Another popular choice is Gohan, Goku’s son and a major character in the series. He has plenty of character development throughout its run so this tattoo would be ideal for anyone who enjoys watching the series and wants to commemorate his growth as a fighter.

Gohan tattoos offer plenty of variation, making them the ideal choice for fans of the Dragon Ball franchise. This tattoo makes an excellent tribute to Gohan’s willingness to help those close to you in whatever way he can.

Goku with a full-colored Shenron

The story of this anime follows Goku, who journeys through time in search of seven magical balls known as Dragon Balls that can grant any wish if collected. His ultimate goal is to collect all seven Dragon Balls and summon an eternal dragon that grants any wish wished upon it.

When selecting a tattoo design for your next Dragon Ball tattoo, there are plenty of choices available. From simple designs to more intricate sleeve tattoos, there are some important things to take into account before selecting your perfect design.

First and foremost, select a design that looks flattering on your body. Consider the size, detail, and colors used in your design as well as any additional elements like backgrounds or scenes to give it texture.

Another essential factor when planning your tattoo is the time it will take. To get an accurate time estimate for your design, find a tattoo artist with experience in that style so they can give you an estimate for the required duration.

For instance, if you choose to get Goku’s full-colored Shenron tattoo, the length of time it will take for your design is dependent on its size and complexity.

In addition to Goku, there are many other popular Dragon Ball tattoos you can select from. These include Bulma, Vegeta, Trunks, and more.

Vegeta is a beloved fan favorite, and his strong character development makes him an ideal candidate for your next tattoo design. One of the strongest fighters in anime, Vegeta has an iconic Super Saiyan form that would look fantastic on any tattoo design.

Goku with a black Shenron

Shenron is a dragon character in the show and an incredibly powerful one. He can summon and grant wishes to people, including bringing back Goku when Cell killed him. Additionally, Shenron has been known for bestowing eternal youth upon Piccolo.

This dragon is a powerful character throughout all of anime.

Shenron can be featured in several sleeve designs, such as the black smoke version and image of him engaging other dragons.

Another choice for a Shenron tattoo is to pair it with the black smoke version of Pilaf. This dragon is darker and features wings, making it appear much more aggressive. While not a full-colored design, this option would look good on those with darker skin tones.

Pilaf, a villain on the show, strives to rule the world. To achieve his ambition, he hunts down Dragon Balls that can grant him this wish – often seen holding one in his hand.

He poses a formidable threat to the heroes, though he doesn’t possess the strongest suit or most potent powers like Frieza and Vegeta do.

It’s impossible to know exactly what Pilaf means by this statement, but we do know he’s an incredibly ruthless villain who can do a lot of damage and poses a major threat to heroes. His villainous persona makes for exciting television, making this tattoo perfect if you’re fond of his character.

Goku with Arale

Known for its captivating characters, thrilling fights, and remarkable character development throughout each episode, this show delivers gripping plotlines with action-packed scenes to its viewers.

These formidable warriors are beloved by fans around the world for their fierce natures and formidable skillsets.

In addition to these three iconic characters, Dragon Ball Z also features many other memorable figures. Majin Vegeta – the main villain of Dragon Ball Z – is particularly powerful and popular.

He is renowned for being an expert martial arts fighter and edge lord, with an infectious personality and incredible capacity for training to become even stronger.

Arale, a robot created for Dr. Slump in the Dragon Ball series, is another memorable character. However, creator Akira Toriyama had other ideas when designing her; nonetheless, she remains an endearing and charming figure that fans enjoy watching closely.

When getting a tattoo, it is essential to select an experienced and talented artist for a realistic and detailed result.

The colors have been seamlessly blended together and appear extremely realistic.

For those new to tattooing and looking for an impactful yet simple design, this type of design can be placed anywhere on the body – including sleeve tattoos!

Furthermore, this tattoo boasts excellent color contrast and shadings that give it a realistic appearance. It’s an ideal choice for those who appreciate vibrant tattoos.

The Dragon Ball series is a beloved manga and anime franchise that began as Weekly Shonen Jump with weekly episodes. It later evolved into two popular Japanese television series: Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, both broadcast since 1986 on Japanese television.