Discreet Couple Tattoos

You can choose from plenty of discreet ideas, including initials, dates, symbols, or even sexy designs! Minimal is best for inkings for these smaller areas, like your ring fingers or inner wrists, where they won’t be visible to others.

Sun and Moon

The sun and moon symbolize feminine and masculine energies, light and dark forces, and the cycle of life, and they are potent symbols of equilibrium – perfect for discreet couple tattoos! Design can vary from simple and minimalistic, to more detailed pieces that combine different images depending on your tastes. Another option would be to pair the sun and moon with a dream catcher, an ancient Native American symbol believed to keep negative energies at bay. These designs can range in size and placement; from small arrangements on your neck to larger ones on your thigh, back tattoos are a a great way to experiment with placement, size, and detail. The rear area offers ample room to do just this!

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle piece tattoos are an excellent way to symbolize your love and bond with someone special, while being discreet enough not to draw undue attention. Place these tattoos anywhere on your body without drawing too much attention! Puzzles are complex pieces that must come together to form one complete picture, as a reminder that any task requires small steps and persistence to accomplish. A puzzle tattoo is a constant reminder that success must start from somewhere, so take one action at a time toward achieving something unique! In 1963, the National Autistic Society adopted a puzzle piece logo as its symbol to represent autism.

Paper Plane

Paper airplanes are timeless symbols and an ideal way to express how much you care. Their playful appearance makes them the perfect subject matter for discreet couple tattoos. Louis Tomlinson is getting a half-sleeve tattoo featuring a small image of a paper airplane in mid-flight; this was added under his “OOPS!” tat. Many people call this tattoo to symbolize that life should always be moving forward and exploring new experiences. You could add meaningful words such as “Explore!” or “Open your mind!” for added significance. Additionally, it makes for a great couple tattoo if you enjoy traveling together!

Wine Night

Wine can turn any dull evening into an exciting one, so why not add an element of surprise with discreet couple tattoos that show how much love there is between partners? There are numerous designs out there to show how much these two individuals care about one another. These couples show their devotion through adorable tattoos of each other’s initials inked onto their chest and arms – a lovely gesture proving they’re committed for life! There are different creative ways to show your love without making a significant commitment, including playing games or teaching guests about wine.

Lock and Key

Lock and key tattoo designs are an elegant option to mark your everlasting relationship and can easily be personalized to reflect who you are as an individual. The Anywhere Key is one of the first items viewers encounter in the show and allows users to travel anywhere they have seen a door previously. Bode first uses it to travel to Matheson Ice Cream Parlor; later, however, Dodge (a demonic being) steals it and uses it against Sam Lesser to commit murder. The Head Key is an intriguing device that allows its user to peer into another person’s mind, giving an unprecedented glimpse into their mind and understanding their subconscious.