Choosing Different Font Styles For Tattoos

Picking out an appropriate font style for your tattoo design is integral to ensuring it stands out on your skin. A high-quality typeface should never fade over time, making it easy to read on any skin tone. Tattoo font styles vary significantly; you can find something suitable, from cursive to old English numerals!

Script tattoos

tattoos that employ handwritten script fonts add a personal touch since their letters appear natural on the skin, giving the effect of being honest. Selecting the ideal script font style can also aid your tattoo artist in producing an outstanding result when inking your tattoo. Since these fonts offer greater flexibility than traditional font styles, script fonts allow your artist to customize various renditions of letters for more tremendous success in inking your design. Hiydia is an elegant script font perfect for tattoo designs featuring text blocks, names, or song lyrics, provided the words are manageable and or detailed. Be sure to find an experienced tattoo artist when searching for scriptwriting artists, since the angles and slants of each letter play an integral part in how it turns out. Bring an image of your tattoo idea when visiting a studio so they can reference it when creating lettering.


Calligraphy, an artistic and expressive form of cursive font, has become increasingly popular for tattooing text on our bodies. Calligraphy may also be used for other artwork we want to be separate from a tattoo design but would like to be displayed creatively instead.

Contemporary Fonts

You may be drawn to bold display typefaces that stand out when selecting contemporary fonts. One such font could be Rozex, whose numerous flourishes and accents make each letter noticeable. Consider choosing a typeface that features numerous stenciled details for an authentic aesthetic. Graffiti or modern vintage tattoo fonts featuring accents and embellishments may also be tattoo options.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts for tattoos come in various styles and themes to fit the design you are working on. Some fonts draw inspiration from vintage aesthetics, while others provide more modern touches – these fonts work well when used to create logos, t-shirts, or posters/signage. Selecting the font for your tattoo design is essential in its creation; make sure it will communicate what it means for you, be it an expression of love or an important message to friends and family. There will always be an option that meets your needs!

Script Styles

Choose a script-style font if you want your tattoo designs to stand out. This style gives tattoos an eye-catching appearance and will leave an unforgettable mark lasting throughout their lives. For script styles, look for fonts that are easy to read while also boasting an eye-catching manner. When selecting fonts that feature script patterns, try not to choose too bold a font, as this will remain visible over time, even as its appearance fades over time.

Blackletter Fonts

Blackletter fonts offer another excellent choice for tattoo fonts, featuring an almost gothic appearance. Black letter-style fonts have become increasingly popular as tattoo options, symbolizing strength, courage, and honor. Old English font is one of the most iconic blackletter fonts, making it suitable for various tattoo designs and serving as a meaningful remembrance tattoo tribute to someone who has passed on. Fette Fraktur, Gothique, and Linotype Textur tattoo fonts are popular blackletter options for easy application on different body parts.

Script-Style Fonts

Script-style fonts make an excellent addition to tattoo designs, providing a personal and vibrant touch that brings life and energy into any design. Their passionate communicators bring their own particular emotion, adding another level of depth.