115 Depression Tattoo Designs to Shine and Overcoming Obstacles

Getting a “depression tattoo” is getting well known for those managing mental illness. More individuals are getting tattoo that are enlivened by the hardships in their lives, for example, depression or anxiety.

While tattoos have been around for a considerable length of time as a type of workmanship, many don’t know about their remedial employments. Albeit remedial tattoos are a withering work of art, many still use them today to recuperate various infections and adapt to mental illnesses, a valid example depression and stress.

What is meant by depression?

As indicated by clinicians, depression will be simpler to adapt when it is well-recognized. Depression resembles a fight scar on individuals’ ways. Thus, depression tattoo may help individuals to recognize that they have endure some change and are flourishing. Somehow or another, depression may enable them to push ahead, perceiving their past, just as tolerating it, and furthermore incorporating it with themselves. Luckily, they will consider themselves to be a tough individual. Recollecting their internal quality, especially after a hard depression time can be very hard for them, however the tattoo will be their visual update.

Mental illness depression problems

Mental illness comes in numerous structure, including depression, anxiety, bipolar scatter, dietary issues, and substance misuse. Sadly, numerous individuals with Depression structure designs to shine and overcoming obstacles illness face a negative social shame, in spite of the illness being out of their control.

Individuals with mental illnesses frequently feel humiliated to discuss their issues, or feel like they will end up being a weight to others by voicing their issues. Huge numbers of these individuals endure in silence, not realizing who to go to or where to turn. Venture Semicolon welcomes individuals from the world over to impart their accounts to each other, and wear the semicolon tattoo on their skin to show that they’ve focused on their lives and will continue walking ahead, regardless of the afflictions that come their direction.


Project Semicolon “a religious non-benefit development devoted to displaying expectation and love to the individuals who are battling with depression, suicide, compulsion and self-damage”

Depression Anxiety

There are such a significant number of compelling approaches to manage anxiety, just as little changes that can assist you with feeling better after some time. These incorporate sound things like reflection and yoga, getting more rest, and overseeing worry, just as treatment — and once in a while even drug. In any case, in some little way, getting a tattoo can help with anxiety, as well.

On the off chance that you look into anxiety tattoo, you’ll see tattoo that are empowering and may have messages. It symbolizes the way that individuals who have anxiety is cheerful individuals who simply have their minutes. Some discover treatment in taking a gander at their tattoo and advising themselves that everything will be okay.

Various depression designs

1. Semicolon symbol for depression

The semicolon has become a conspicuous mental wellbeing tattoo over the world. This universally perceived tattoo is a piece of the bigger development intended to raise Depression Tattoo designs to shine and overcoming obstacles wellbeing mindfulness and decrease the shame appended to mental illness. You can help spread attention to mental medical problems by utilizing the Depression designs to shine and overcoming obstacles wellbeing strip, partaking in the semicolon venture, and understanding the importance of depression wellbeing tattoo.

The semicolon is utilized recorded as a hard copy when two firmly related sentences are consolidated. The initial segment of the sentence could be a finished idea all alone, yet the creator chose to prop the sentence up. At the end of the day, the sentence isn’t finished. With regards to depression wellbeing, the sentence is your life, and the semicolon is the choice to keep living. The semicolon speaks to the way that you have total control over yourself, and can continue battling, regardless of whether you want to surrender and putting a period on your life.

Placement ideas




2. Motivational quotes for depression

Tattoo Quotes have consistently been around in the realm of tattoo’s and are very prevalent. Individuals have a wide range of reasons why they need to have a tattoo quote or saying. More youthful individuals frequently need to make an announcement with a tattoo, particularly the tattoo with a quote. More seasoned individuals look for all the more importance behind a tattoo or frequently experience troublesome times in their lives and express it through a tattoo quote set on their collarbone. While VIPs frequently need to be recollected by their fans through a tattoo saying or put a tune verse on their body as a tattoo. Every last one of these tattoo quotes has its own fascinating stories.

Placement ideas

Stomach area



3. Powerful words for depression

They by one way or another figure out how to catch so a lot of central core into a solitary word. Frequently articulate and straightforward, they likewise award an individual the ability to impart an intense proclamation to the world. Simply envision how a lot of thought needs to go into a tattoo that is a solitary word. It must be something that you’re by and by associated with or that has an exceptionally huge significance in your life, however that won’t get exhausting. Having the fearlessness to then put that single word onto your body forever needs to take some genuine guts.

Faith tattoo

Regardless of what religion you believe it, faith is a basic part of being human. Be that as it may, most faith tattoo plans have been connected to Christianity. Nonetheless, faith is essentially an individual’s trust and trust in a specific religion. That implies even Buddhists and Islams have their very own faith, just with an alternate god.

Faith tattoo is exceptionally well known for the importance of faith in affection to speak to the solidarity they share with their accomplice. A couple of hearts contacting is a case of faith and love.

Faith tattoo is for the most part related your faith in God, yet these extremely well known tattoos are inked for various reasons too. Faith Tattoo can speak to anybody’s solid duty or conviction and how they carry on with their life regarding that dedication or conviction.

Hope tattoo

Hope tattoos are very prominent and are worn by the two people. In spite of the fact that hope tattoo consistently incorporate “hope,” they can be planned with a wide range of images. They are worn for a wide scope of reasons and can be intended to fit and pass on your own significance.

Hope speaks to a sentiment of desire and want for a specific thing to occur. This can apply to numerous things or conditions throughout your life. Hope is firmly identified with trust, guarantee, and desire.


Perhaps the easiest approaches to make a tattoo meaning strength is to pick a word or character which speaks to strength. “Strength” itself may appear to be a conspicuous decision. In any case, the word can be utilized in a few different ways, alone or with an image or character, to make a bit of body workmanship with a profound importance. Different words which may be considered for this sort of tattoo are “power”, “respectability” and “grit” – these words pass on an importance of strength.

A tattoo can symbolize strength from various perspectives, making this idea appropriate for practically any placement and size.


‘Believe’ is such a basic word yet packs in such a large amount of importance. This single word can change the fate of an individual and change their lives into something unadulterated, new, and rich. Your faith and confidence in a person or thing can inspire your life. At the point when life takes an unavoidable lamentable turn, it is significant that you have something to clutch so you don’t easily surrender.

Power tattoo

Tattoos can have profound significance, a changeless token of something powerful throughout everyday life or an encounter that can’t and ought not be overlooked. Ordinarily, tattoo can give individuals a sentiment of empowerment, a tattoo that rouses and helps them to remember something they have survived. We were roused by this lovely accumulation of tattoos, each with a powerful visual that shows strength and excellence.




4. Depression symbol for overcoming obstacles

A typical picture in Japanese culture, koi fish have numerous implications relying upon shading and position. A koi going upstream means a battle or a hindrance. A koi going downstream either means you’ve conquered your battle or don’t yet have the strength or ability to confront it.

Placement Suggestion


Rib cage

5. Quotes to overcoming depression

There is no reason to worry at last. In the event that it’s not alright, it’s not the end.

“Maybe every one of the mythical serpents of our lives are princesses who are just standing by to see us once lovely and courageous.”

He who has for what reason to live can hold up under practically at any rate.

I might be lying in the canal, yet I’m gazing at the stars.

Transform your injuries into shrewdness.

May I be everlastingly thankful that now and again, I didn’t get what I really merited.

Agony is unavoidable. Enduring is discretionary.

When you stir, you will have no enthusiasm for making a decision about the individuals who rest.

Placement suggestion

Lower arm


6. Smiley depression symbol

A smiley face toe tattoo to advise yourself that consistently is another day and you should begin it on an upbeat note!

The run of the mill smiley tattoo originated from the emoticon that appears to be identical. This emoticon is utilized to show the feeling of satisfaction and is all around acknowledged. So on the off chance that you are getting a smiley face tattoo, it will imply that you are commonly an upbeat individual.

Placement ideas



What does depression tattoo represents?

Each individual can deal with their depression wellbeing in an unexpected way. One significant thing is separating the marks of disgrace, just as associating with others. Your tattoo is really an image of you assuming responsibility forever by and by. There are unquestionably going to be times when you slip and fail, however you likewise have something to advise you that you had some considerably harder occasions previously, and you returned from them more grounded than anybody.

Which celebrities have depression design?

Body ink is an incredible method to convey what needs be — battles, fears, satisfaction, and everything in the middle of — so it’s no big surprise such a large number of individuals utilize their tattoos as an approach to advocate for Depression Tattoo designs to shine and overcoming obstacleswellbeing.

These famous people, including Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, wear their Depression Tattoo designs to shine and overcoming obstacleswellbeing mindfulness on their skin (actually) with their body ink.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and cast individuals Alisha Boe and Tommy Dorfman got coordinating semicolon tattoo that convey a powerful message.

Demi lovato

One of the hugest tattoo of Demi is “Stay Strong” composed on her wrist which she got in 2011.

Katy Perry

In June 2010, Katy Perry and her then-life partner Russell Brand got coordinating tattoo within their correct biceps. The tattoo says “Anuugacchati Pravaha” which signifies “Accept circumstances for what they are” in Sanskrit.

Angelino Jolie

On the base of the neck, directly over her Buddhist engraving tattoo is a joke tattoo in wide Gothic letters that says, ‘know your rights.’ It is the title of a melody from one of her preferred groups.


Depression tattoos are likewise here and there misery tattoo. Tattoo can be enlivened by any number of things: a most loved band, a childhood memory, a previous sweetheart. Be that as it may, for some men, their ink is motivated by something incredibly close to home: their battles with mental illness.

From the semicolon tattoo promoted by the counter suicide battle Project Semicolon to the green strip that symbolizes Depression Tattoo designs to shine and overcoming obstacleswellbeing mindfulness, tattoo motivated by Depression Tattoo designs to shine and overcoming obstacleswellbeing battles don’t simply fill in as consistent updates about men’s battles they’re likewise a symbol of respect, reminding folks to walk forward and overcome any snag throughout everyday life.

Depression tattoos are very personal statements from those suffering to themselves or perhaps to others, as to make a point to those around them. Regardless of the symbolism, anything that has personal meaning to you makes an excellent inspirational depression tattoo. Whether it be a simple tattoo drawing symbolizing a feeling of hopelessness or deep personal sentiments, it is ultimately your decision to choose what you want to have done on your body. The only limit to your imagination is how much ink you’re willing to spend.

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