Colorful blowing daisy flower tattoo for you

Daisy tattoos symbolize reliability, love, tolerance, and immaculateness. Daisy tattoos are utilized by women to give them a more delightful and engaging look.

Daisies symbolize guiltlessness and immaculateness. This stems from an old Celtic legend. In Norse folklore, the daisy is Freya’s sacrosanct flower. Freya is the goddess of love, magnificence, and ripeness.

In various culture

Solar oriented

The daisy is additionally ascribed to sunrise and spring given that “daisy” is the Old English for “day’s eye.” This work is associated with these two occasions. Thus, daisy was additionally enormously associated with the sun. Indeed, the Native Americans perceive this little flower as a symbol of the sun. They likewise trust it to be so a direct result of its splendid yellow place and white and brilliant petals encompassing it that take after the sun’s beams.

Tattoo Meaning of Daisies

Amongst the most popular flower tattoos, daisy flowers have always the vibrant, colored designs. By so many individuals you’ll discover different daisy tattoos of varying hues. Whether it’s the original pink or the pure and delicate blue, colored daisy tattoos are definitely prevail all around the globe. The meanings of these daisies carry are also varied and many are bound to have their own personal meanings attributed to them. Some of the meanings these flowers carry are as follows:



The daisy is likewise connected with the Norse folklore as it is a scared symbol to the Norse folklore goddess Freya. She was the goddess of love so therefore, the daisy was additionally regarded as the symbol of love, sexiness, and richness which was a remarkable inverse of the Christian meaning.

Daisy tattoos Meaning

A white daisy is known as the symbol of immaculateness and honesty. In those days, a wreath of white daisy is given to men by ladies who are not yet sure of being hitched yet doesn’t deny it. This means they are still thinking about the proposition to be engaged.

In the Christian world, white daisies are accepted to be the symbol of blamelessness and immaculateness. It’s symbolizes the Virgin Mary’s celibacy, virtue, and grace. It can likewise connote Christ the kid as it has become a primary piece of Renaissance paintings as a symbol of basic ideals.

A daisy tattoos can mean various things for the wearer. It could essentially mean they like the flower or it’s the most loved flower of a loved one. Or on the other hand it could likewise be gotten from the symbolic meaning of the daisies tattoos. Furthermore, there’s a considerable amount. Daisy come in various colors and every one has an alternate meaning.

It was additionally a custom to have white daisy brightening a lady of the hour’s wedding outfit. It’s frequently the sign that they are unadulterated before their big day. Therefore, in the event that you get a tattoos of a white daisies, it could imply that you’re still a virgin.

Daisy tattoos have consistently been connected to females. It’s a structure made for girls as it were. Or on the other hand that flowers should just be a tattoo for ladies. Be that as it may, in this day and age, tattoo aficionados are more open about their structure decisions. All things considered, even a man would now be able to get a daisies tattoo on the off chance that it functions admirably in view of the structure they have or that it functions admirably with the message they need to feature.

With butterfly

The brilliant butterfly daisy tattoo is one of the show-stoppers of work of art. The tattoo comprises of a huge butterfly flying over daisies flowers speaking to opportunity and love. The butterfly is blue, yet you can change its tone depending on your style.

You can have this tattoo done on your lower leg or shoulder depending on your taste. Further, the tattoo isn’t bound to any sexual orientation, and a man can likewise wear it on the off chance that he esteems fit. Additionally, the splendid butterfly tattoo fits consummately with each skin complexion, and you can heavily change its appearance to make it look all the more engaging.

Multiple daisies

The multiple daisies tattoo depicts three daises from three unique edges to give a more critical gander at the flower. The tattoo is drawn utilizing black ink and gray shades and is one of the techniques to have a superior knowledge into the flower.



The shoulder daisy tattoo is delightful and is finished utilizing dull black ink. It is heavily adaptable, and you can design it depending on your inclinations. As its name proposes, the shoulder tattoo is inserted on a female’s shoulder and is bigger than a significant number of the tattoos above.

Behind ears

Daisy behind ears tattoo looks eye-getting and is little and easy to wear. In the event that you are not into getting tattooed by walking or wrist, at that point this may be the ideal replacement. The tattoo demonstrates tenderness and is an indication of magnificence.


Individuals love to stroll in the nursery and flowers. In the event that you love embellishing your body with in vogue craftsmanship that can wow the crowd than daisies on feet may be on your checklist. The plan is exquisite and appealing and effectively mixes with any complexion.


The smile daisy tattoo is for lower legs, and it contains the engraving of a smile on its stem. The tattoo is for the comical people who love remaining cheerful and cherish inspiration in life. The tattoo additionally symbolizes inspiration and plan to the wearer.


The nape tattoo explicitly is for a person’s nape and highlights dynamic color designs with splendid tones. The tattoos comprises of daisy flower alongside stem and two leaves holding tight its privilege and left. It is an energizing example on the neck and gangs white bud with a yellow center. Moreover, you can likewise add varieties to the tattoos by including more leaves and flowers around its environmental factors.


In the event that you are into energetic colors rather than black and gray work of art, at that point orange daisies may be your entertainment. The orange daisies tattoo is a breathtaking bit of work of art and utilizations multiple color combinations to shape a remarkable structure

The essential color comprises of orange and gold to make a reflective impact for the crowd. The tattoo has a framework with black ink, and anybody can wear the tattoos paying little heed to skin color.

Daisy bee

Daisy bee is a little yet exceptionally alluring tattoos a lady can wear. On the off chance that you are a customary participant of gatherings and occasions, at that point this tattoo may improve your appearance on each event. The tattoo is lovely and contains two blossoms with a bee humming over its petal.

Other ideas

Colored daisy arm tattoos

In the event that you are looking for a blend of colors for your arm than Color, Daisy arm tattoos may be your pick. The tattoo comprises of a few daisy flowers alongside profoundly intuitive work of art. In addition, the tattoo depicts a nursery and contains tulips, red roses, and different flowers to give a more attractive look.

Bold daisy tattoos

Bold daisies tattoo stands apart for its eminent yet straightforward execution. On the off chance that you are into brilliant and high-pitch tattoos, at that point this one may be one your decision. The tattoos comprises of heavy black ink and gray shades. Furthermore, the pistil of the flower is sprung up, not at all like the ones above and your craftsman can additionally beautify it with exemplary fine art.

Ying yang daisy tattoos

The tattoo fuses well known Chinese symbol Ying and Yang to make dazzling work of art on the wearer body. Ying Yang symbol talks about the Chinese way of thinking that for all the beneficial things on the planet, there is somewhat terrible and the other way around.

Love daisy tattoos

The lovely Daisy is a little tattoos in pink color with the words “Love” composed on the flower stem. This tattoo is ideal for individuals who are looking for good yet alluring daisy tattoos.

The love daisy tattoo symbolizes the strong bond between your loved ones. It talks about your feelings and sentiments towards them and can be a basic method to communicate your love.

Ornamental daisy tattoos

These intriguing pieces take daisy and consolidate diverse ornamental angles to assist them with standing apart from less difficult structures.

Some of them utilize scarce difference accents to feature the flower while others use texture concealing and different components and methods like authenticity to make these intriguing tattoos pop.

Geometric daisy tattoos

Geometric plans have been around since the get-go and have been fused in tattoos for nearly as long.

These structures utilize geometric shapes to make intriguing pieces that contrast the smooth, organic lines of the body. Add daisy to this tasteful and some one of a kind tattoos make certain to create.

Dreamy daisy tattoos

Workmanship is about articulation, and a few people have a more abstract and creative method of communicating, and these lovely tattoos show what is conceivable when authenticity isn’t the most elevated need.

Delicate daisy tattoos

The daisy is a little flower that is an incredible subject for basic, delicate plans. Scarcely discernible difference work is developing in prominence, particularly among women, and the daisy is a most loved plan for this style.

This straightforward plan uses imaginative composition and placement to make a stand-out tattoos. The texture concealing utilized features the restrained methodology the craftsman took in structuring this piece. The placement on the lower arm permits the plan to fold over adding to the composition.

Bounquet tattoos

For certain individuals one flower essentially isn’t sufficient. Flowers come in bunches, is there any valid reason why tattoos shouldn’t? These lovely bouquet tattoos conjure spring and new beginnings and can fill in as great augmentations to existing work just as independent pieces.

This huge black and gray piece is an extraordinary case of what can be accomplished without the utilization of brilliant colors. The even composition gives every one of the various flowers space, while preserving the rose as a point of convergence.

Black and gray daisy tattoos

Black and gray work eschews the brilliant colors of different styles for a less complex, exemplary look. When appropriately executed, this style can give a piece an ageless quality and make a refinement that different plans need.

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