Custom-Made Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos offer a way to experiment with body art without commitment. They’re famous for children’s parties and fundraisers. Custom temporary tattoos are fun ways to promote your business at events.

Easy to Apply

Custom-made temporary tattoos are a fantastic way to try body art before committing. They’re easy to apply and remove. You only need an inkjet printer, water slide paper, and some supplies. Craft stores or Wal-Mart offer packs of water slide paper with an adhesive backing that allows you to print any design directly onto your skin.

Easy to Remove

Custom-made temporary tattoos are great for creative designs without permanent ink. To remove, use baby oil or hand sanitizer to break down ink particles. Multiple methods are available, some taking several days and others more immediate.

Lasts a Long Time

Custom-made temporary tattoos allow safe testing before a permanent one. Moisturize daily, avoid scrubbing or showering them, and protect them from sunlight to extend their longevity. Apply hairspray or makeup primer to secure the tattoo.

Makes a Great Gift

Temporary tattoos are affordable, fun gifts for special events. They last up to one week with proper care. Express your creativity with personalized designs for campaigns, rallies, and more. Kids and parents love our high-quality tattoos. Trusted since 1983, we guarantee your custom temporary tattoos will be a hit.