How to Cost Tattoo Prices by Size

If you’re considering getting a small tattoo or a big tattoo but can’t decide, then you should know how to cost tattoo prices by size. There’s so much that goes in to figuring out the cost for your new ink. It’s not a straight cut simple answer. Things like size, material, place, and kind of tattoo greatly affect the overall cost. Usually you can expect to pay $50 -100 for a small tattoo, up to $200 for an average sized tattoo, and as high as $300 for a really huge tattoo!

Picture designs And Ideas By Size – Small Picture design And Small Tattoo Prices


When it comes to cost tattoo prices, as they relate to small Image ideas and designs, the prices are not that much different from the prices we see when searching for larger picture designs online or off. One of the differences you’ll notice between the two is that you can usually find a larger selection of high quality picture designs when searching for small Image ideas and designs online. Since there are more tattoo artist who specialize in small Image ideas and designs, the prices you’ll pay will typically be less expensive. There’s really no secret to finding great small Image ideas and designs – it just takes time, patience and perseverance.

Cost Tattoo Prices by Size is not a new tatoo idea. In fact, the idea has been around for some time and tattoo artists have been able to use them successfully for quite some time. The cost factor is that this type of tat theme is only affordable for professional tattoo artists who have the privilege of charging an amount per hour by size which seems quite ridiculous in comparison to the cost of doing a traditional tattoo on someone’s body. Nevertheless, if you are willing to spend an extra hundred dollars an hour then you are guaranteed a unique tat theme and the satisfaction of a perfect tattoo. Small Image ideas can cost as little as thirty dollars per hour but the quality will not be compromised even though the cost is extremely small.


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