Cool Leo Tattoos to Show Off Your Zodiac Sign

Non-complex broad line Leo tattoo

Simple Leo glyph with star

Simple Leo glyph with flowers

Simple Leo glyph with sun

Simple Leo glyph with lion

Simple Leo glyph with paw print

Simple Leo glyph with heart

Simple Leo glyph on foot

Simple Leo glyph on the rib cage

Simple Leo glyph on the arm

Tattoos can be an elegant and subtle way to display your zodiac sign, Leo. Choose a design that emphasizes Leo’s ruling planet (the sun). A classic, straightforward Leo design would look good on your forearm or calf.

Tattoos that exude femininity include this Leo lioness design. With Moroccan or Indian influences, it looks fantastic when placed on legs or rib cages.

Tattoos can be an elegant way of showing Leo pride without overshadowing other parts of one’s body, like this tattoo featuring the Sun symbol and fire elements associated with the Leo sign and their ruling planet, the Sun, making an attractive statement of Leo pride without overwhelming others. Ideal for placement on the forearm, calf, or even down the rib cage!

Tattoos that express Leo’s inner strength and pride make an excellent choice for female body art, particularly on the back of the neck. A simple Leo symbol combined with a star makes for a striking display, which would look fabulous on either the arm or the neck. This design would look beautiful as back-of-the-neck body art or when used to add female body art.

Tattoos like this one are ideal for Leos who wish to display their sun sign more femininely, featuring an image of a lion with flowers representing strength and femininity. Simple Leo Glyphs look incredible thanks to their sleek lines and unique designs. Adding flowers adds an adorable element that sets this piece apart.

Let the world know you are a Leo with this simple yet striking tattoo! Leos’ ruling planet is the Sun, representing energy and endless potential. This tattoo combines a low-detail, lifelike lion head with tribal detailing. To eliminate any possible confusion, the word ‘Leo’ has been inked beneath its head to clear any confusion. Perfect for those who appreciate detail! This piece would also make an eye-catching piece to hang in any room!

This lion head tattoo epitomizes Leo’s symbolism with its realistic features and majestic gaze. The lines of this lion’s mane flow gently with disconnected threads for an exclusive effect that makes this piece ideal for female wearers on either arm or leg. This tattoo of Leo depicts its zodiac sign and its ruling planet, the Sun. Known for being bold and majestic, this fire sign is often represented by aggressive behavior.

Tattoos of the Leo constellation can be an easy and expressive way to show devotion. This elegant glyph design makes displaying their zodiac sign easy!

Tattoos are an elegant way to demonstrate Leo’s pride. The delicate lines flow together effortlessly while appearing disconnected – giving this tattoo its unique and intriguing style. This tattoo exemplifies the increasingly popular void-style tattoos. These flexible pieces offer more options for creating the final image.

Tattooing a Leo constellation on your foot is an effective way of symbolizing your zodiac sign, and it makes for an adorable design suitable for both men and women alike.

This simple Leo tattoo looks striking on all. Instead of using bold ink, this design uses lines forming letters, making it unique and distinctive. Although it looks fantastic on the back of necks, you could also opt for this design on wrists, arms, or biceps for added versatility. Leos often see themselves as the center of everything, so this tattoo makes perfect sense! A fire sign on your rib cage seems appropriate!

If you want a tattoo representing your zodiac sign, try this Leo design – featuring a bold lion and simple constellations. This tattoo design makes an excellent statement piece for both men and women. With its non-complex, broad line structure, this piece can easily fit on forearms, calves, or down the rib cage for an eye-catching appearance. Plus, its unique appearance includes the inclusion of the lion symbol into its mane for an exquisite finish!