140 Chinese Tattoos: Tradition and Trend (with Meaning)

Giving the Chinese identity and retaining it is an important part of Chinese culture. In the Chinese culture, having ‘ head ‘ demands reverence and power over other Chinese people.

Who are the Chinese People?

The Chinese, in particular, demonstrate leniency in local customs against foreigners. You are also willing to bend a few rules to achieve the desired targets, and cut a few corners. The Chinese assume, in their own words, that’ the end justifies the means.’

In the Chinese culture, being humble is a conventional virtue. The cover will penetrate a sharp sword and eventually shine,’ the Chinese claim. This talent can manifest through one’s work if one is very talented. This interest is still respected by Chinese people.

Therefore, discussing their achievements or abilities is very rare for Chinese people. Instead, if there’s a reason for you to know about them, they’ll’ let’ a third party tell you about these things. Whether you accept a compliment or explore your abilities, Chinese will also find it amusing. They’ll expect you to do this, though, so don’t feel compelled to do anything else.

The key to dealing with cross-cultural differences is empathy, respect and tolerance. Westerners should note that Chinese are not going to become Westerners or expect Westerners to become Chinese.


The Chinese Symbols

Tao or Dao is a Chinese character referring to Chinese philosophy and religion as a key feature. One of its most common interpretations is “the way” or “head direction.” Those who have researched its sense put it in a number of terms, such as faith, intelligence, reason, ethics, obligation, and reality. Tàijítú, the black and white symbol of Tao, the core element of Taoism, is considered to represent the underlying force of nature or the “noble way” of personal behavior in life.

Perhaps one of the world’s most known photos is the Chinese dragon. Anyone who sees it knows it is Chinese uniquely. On gowns, pottery, furniture and decorations it is seen.

It’s one of Asia’s most common signs. The dragon is seen as the most powerful symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture. It is perceived as a creature of power and magic and as a human friend. It will give good fortune and benevolence. It stands for abundance, wealth and progress. This is also seen as a link between heaven and earth to the supernatural. The ancient culture and mythology can be associated by a Chinese dragon character as a tattoo design.

Dragon Character

A symbol of protection and success is the Chinese dragon. There are nine types of dragons, the dragon of the earth, the dragon of the air, the dragon of the sea, the dragon of water, the dragon of the sky, the dragon of flame, the dragon of silver, the dragon of mountains and the dragon of heaven.

The wind, streams, lakes and seas are dominated by Chinese dragons. The dragon, being the divine mythical creature, will ward off roaming evil spirits, protect the innocent, and offer protection to everyone.

Traditionally, the dragon is associated with the east direction and it is believed that putting a dragon symbol on your home or office’s east side will shield you from negative energy and bring you great fortune.

Strength of the People

There are Chinese characters from ancient times; one of those is the symbol of strength. The elite watchmen of the Emperor wear it. It is said that the design itself resembles a tendon or a muscle. It means power, strength, strength or capacity. The emblem is supposed to bring good health, strength and endurance. It will also make those who wear this luck.

1. Love

This is a mighty sign, capable of expressing any love, mother, father, wife or husband. It’s a symbol of love all-embracing. The good thing is that you can tell who your love is. This is going to give good fortune, like all Chinese signs.

2. Zodiac

There are 12 Chinese signs like the Western Zodiac. The difference is that for the year of birth Chinese signs are more significant than for the day of birth. For every year, the Chinese also use rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, serpent, horses, lamb, monkey and rooster. In reality, the zodiac signs show the animal throughout the year. Some of the attributes of their pet are assumed to be taken by a human. Similar to that in the Western Horoscope these features are identified.

There is a Chinese symbol that means zodiac, but it is then converted into the month of birth of a man. It’s another indication considered to be very blessed. It is a world relation and a constructive force.

These are just a few of the Chinese symbols which can give you a fascinating and exotic expression. You can even choose a calligraphy style that suits your personality. To make sure you get the person you want, it is important to do your own research and then talk to an artist who knows or knows Chinese.

3. Snake

The elegance of several designs and pictures like a snake tattoo flash on their skins is seen only by tattoo lovers. Tatt are significant designs and drawings for all kinds of reasons placed on the skin. You will find some designs and models that you’re sure to like if you are a tattoo enthusiastic. Snake tatt are one of the most common according to the opinions of Tattoo artists who participated in a survey to know the model most sought after. Because snakes have a deeper meaning, many tattooists are popular and respected.

Snake artists find it difficult to design a snake tattoo since they have a slendid and slender body and the designs on it are complicated. Snake tatt are therefore truly amongst the designs which are hard to draw. To build and design a snake figure that looks exactly the way it should be, great motivation and focus is needed.

4. Hanzi

With the success of the Chinese character tattoo, more people tend to choose Hanzi as a unique way of expressing their personality in the form of skin art. Nevertheless, tattoo lovers, particularly those seeking the first tattoo for a model, are increasingly paying attention to this mysterious language.

For those who get their first chinese tattoo, professional chinese tattoo artists often recommend that they start with something small, easy for tin, just to warm up things, as the pain and extra care of the chinese tattoo would be be bearable, but not pleasant and sometimes demanding. This is why it is not quite a wise choice to start with a huge tattoo design.

5. Family

The Chinese family of symbols includes symbols that can be identified by animals such as zodiac or simply by characteristics and features. Tatt are a form of personal speech, we all know. Some like to get tatt, usually the symbol of strength or influence that can demonstrate that they are strong and powerful.

Several signs may be bigger while others are smaller. And some people chose to get sculptures instead of tatt. It is not important to distinguish these symbols; they can be grouped in a way that makes it simpler or just more precise. The symbol of “power” and “love” together might, for example, mean the love of the person is strong.

6. Luck

The craft of tattooing for good luck has a long tradition. Many of the most common tatt people receive are good luck symbols. Chinese Tattoo art has undergone a renaissance or a neo-classical age of sorts in recent years and some of the older tattoo designs were resurrected with vivid, vibrant new colours. For example, two classical representations of the sacred heart and sparrow chinese tattoo have reemerged into circulation and design topics. A significant renaissance in good luck symbols has emerged with the rebirth of older and traditional tattoo designs.

Once again mariners used to wear it, but many different types of people can now enjoy a good luck tattoo. Below is a list of some of the most popular chinese tattoo designs for good luck.

Another common good luck tattoo is good luck amulets. These can involve religious amulets and medallions to an amulet for a lucky rabbit. The theory is, the icon is always next to you by having this chinese tattoo, and you’re always lucky.


7. Soldier

Chinese military forces have a long tradition of tatt. The sailors who brought fad in our country first became famous. Tatt then became famous with all the military branches. The military branch insignia are often tattooed by soldiers.

Tatt Sleeve. A tattoo of a sleeve is an extremely large tattoo, or a series of smaller tatt covering the entire arm or leg of an individual.

Tattoo that is visible to the eye with normal pt apparel (T-shirt and cuts) are half-sleeve or quarter sleeve. A tattoo of half-sleeves or quarter-sleeve covers or nearly coveres the whole portion of an army or leg up or down the elbow.

Due to the very necessary existence and thinking of tattoo troops as regular, soldiers are not often removed tattoo, such as teens who get designs as part of a teenage rebellion.


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8.  Peace Design

A tattoo with peace symbols may be a sign of serenity, harmony, tolerance, liberty, non-violence, silence and calmness. It is just another popular tattoo choice for others such as cross tattoos or star designs. We may not mean anything on a larger scale as such artful designs.

Foot tattoo is popular for some reason. I think it is because the signs of peace match so well on or close to the ankle. You can see famous designs, photos in magazines, MySpace layouts or photos in search engines or Miami Ink, successful tattoo salon while finding unique tattoo ideas for peace signs.

9. Twins Tattoo

The Chinese Gemini Twin Symbol represents one such astrological sign. There are many ideas that can be conveniently tattooed on a born person from 22 May til 21 June for Gemini Twins tattoo.

10. Fire art

One good thing about flame tattoo is that they can be made in a necklace that looks particularly good for men. They look good on their own, but many choose to use it as another feature of a particular tattoo. Additionally, it can be used to refresh and shed new light on an older tattoo.

11. Famous Buddha

Would you like to know why tattoo Buddha is popular? Although there are several other Buddha tattoo for layout, the image of the Buddha remains the first option. Everyone who follows the prince still finds Buddha designs to be symbols of light and power and glory, irrespective of how Buddha is portrayed by the tattoo, including his mood depictions or his clothes colors.


12. Friendship

Tattoos of friendship show the world that your friend holds the special place in your heart. A fun tattoo is an ideal way to celebrate in a relationship or to remember a special memory of one’s friendship.

It is a very good idea and highly advisable for both people to like the tattoo design. One way to affirm the unique bond you share is to choose a matching tattoo. The layout of the tattoo is anything. Another great idea for a friendship is to choose a tattoo design and break it into half, with only one side of the tattoo for each partner. This is an excellent idea, especially if you both meet and can join together in the tattoo.

Another great idea is to look at a tattoo artist and have him create a special tattoo that reflects your deep friendship.

13. Good Luck

Nature has given us the greatest gift, which is the power to make our lives happier by using our own nature. China’s culture believes it’s a good fortune to have a gift of living bamboos.


The characters in China are very beautiful so you don’t have to think about your Chinese tattoo’s aesthetic appeal. There is an issue with Chinese designs on a number of occasions: very quickly they are dateable, so ensure that the tattooist asks you the meaning of the sign or word in the design and whether the sign or word has a real significance over the years. Consult a Chinese native speaker before the tattoo is entered so that you do not finish with pointless Chinese signs.

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