Chinese Tattoo Symbols For Females

Chinese Tattoos are increasingly fashionable among females for their beauty, femininity, and meaning. There is a wide selection of designs and sizes available. Single Chinese characters are popular, often symbolically representing powerful emotions or concepts. Chinese calligraphers are frequently employed for this type of work.


Peace is one of the most beloved Chinese tattoo symbols for females. This symbol represents strength and power to overcome challenges in life, giving an iconic look that showcases your strength and power as a strong woman. Wear it on your wrist or anywhere on your body for an iconic and influential statement about who you are as an individual. This tattoo will make an unforgettable statement about who you are as an individual!

Koi Fish

Koi fish Tattoos are another iconic Chinese design symbol that is extremely popular, symbolizing courage and perseverance. You can get this design either in black or color; both upstream or downstream positions work, indicating passion in its design. This tattoo will tell others about you!


Tigers have long been seen as symbols of courage and strength across cultures, particularly Asian ones. Their appearance often conveys power and passion while also suggesting danger or betrayal. Tattooing a tiger can also represent family or luck. The Chinese character for “strength” symbolizes physical or emotional resilience, while that for “family” serves as a reminder to cherish loved ones. A tiger tattoo may even feature ink bearing the character for “happiness,” providing another reminder to seek joy in life. Ankle designs may be best for an understated yet noticeable tiger tattoo design.


Tattooing Chinese characters is an excellent way to add meaningful symbols to their body art. Before choosing one, however, carefully research each sign to get an exact translation, and the tattoo won’t become meaningless or embarrassing over time. Furthermore, visit a reputable tattoo shop that specializes in Chinese symbol tattoos, as this will ensure they can perfectly replicate them for you.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is another Chinese symbol that represents rebirth. This mythological creature often stands against dragons as its enemy, thus symbolizing life itself and showing their appreciation of this powerful being. This sleeve design can show your admiration of this mythical beast!


Chinese culture has long used dragons as symbols of power, strength, wisdom, good luck, and protection. Tattoos with this mythical creature can be an excellent way for individuals looking to show off their spiritual side or rugged individualism. Men often choose this look on their calf.

Respect for Cultural Aspects

Respect the cultural aspects of any symbols you decide to get tattooed with, especially since this can be a delicate subject. Avoid making any missteps that could hurt others from that culture through your tattoos, and instead, conduct extensive research about it before inking it on yourself.