Charmed Symbol Tattoos

Triquetra Tattoo

Tattooing a triquetra on the forearm can be an impactful symbol of protection and eternity, representing eternal life and protection at once. A bold design that looks fantastic on any forearm.

Triquetra Symbol

Many viewers are familiar with this symbol from the popular TV show Charmed, in which three sisters with magical abilities unite under one banner to fight each other using magic. On their Book of Shadows, the cover was displayed prominently, this symbol that split apart when their fights escalated. Triquetra (Trinity knot) is a three-sided Celtic symbol that signifies eternity, unity, protection, and design elements used as Claddagh rings and as tattoo designs. In alternative Pagan and Wiccan beliefs, the triquetra represents either the Triple Goddess, earth, sea, and sky or mind, body, and soul – often together with an accompanying circle that passes between its three interwoven loops to indicate this union of mind, body, and soul. Charmed, which ran from 1998 to 2006 on The WB network, popularized it. This series followed three sisters with supernatural abilities who used triquetras as part of their Book of Shadows against demons.

Minimalist Triquetra Tattoo

An elegant minimalist triquetra tattoo emphasizes balance and harmony in our lives, sitting perfectly at the center of one’s chest for maximum impact on viewers.

Ouroboros Tattoo

Ouroboros tattoo symbols represent infinity and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Commonly associated with the triquetra design, ouroboros designs can often be found adorning shoulders, necks, ankles, wrists, fingers, or even hearts. Ouroboros (aka snake or serpent ouroboros) designs typically incorporate knotted or twisted portions, giving a more complex structure. Furthermore, this shape can be combined with other symbols like trees, crosses, or animals to further personalize its look.

Shoulder Ouroboros Tattoo

Shoulder ouroboros Tattoos can be some of the most striking designs, as they provide ample opportunity for experimentation. Due to the size and relative flatness of shoulders, tattoo artists have an almost limitless canvas to create stunning, intricate artwork.

Elbow Ouroboros Tattoo

Tattooing an ouroboros on your elbow can have a profound and powerful meaning. For instance, this could represent your journey towards spirituality and enlightenment if done on this spot.

Tree Symbol

The tree symbolizes growth, strength, harmony, and a compelling reminder to stay grounded and focused on your goals. Pair it with the Celtic Dara knot for an effective tattoo that symbolizes resilience and inner fortitude.

Whimsical Tree Tattoo

Add a vignette to your tattoo for a more whimsical take by including other elements into a story, such as palm trees that remind us of vacations and relaxation paired with quotes or Lady Justice’s scales for added visual impact.

Triquetra and Tree Tattoo

The Triquetra is an ancient Celtic symbol that’s becoming increasingly popular with people today. Its three interconnecting arcs represent the number 3, making this design ideal for decorations, wallpaper, tapestries, and tattoos, especially when combined with trees or Ouroboros for an even more meaningful design.

Snake Symbol

The snake has long been associated with charisma and charm. Its venom can be used in healing applications, while its herbal knowledge may contain links to entheogens — substances that cause altered consciousness or “elixir of life.” Many believe snakes lie in wait before striking at their target, just like Satan does.

Snake Tattoo

The serpent is an increasingly popular design element for tattoos. It often pairs well with ancient symbols such as the triquetra (an interconnected three-arc symbol representing a triangle), as well as depicted coiled around a staff to describe Kundalini physiology with a team representing spine and snakes representing energy channels; or depicted coiled around Celtic art where Asclepius himself carried such an emblem with a serpent wrapped around its staff as his symbol of healing power.